Sofia Loren
Milan: Longanesi & Co. 1966. Chi è? Gente famosa. 165 p.

Sofie Lorenová
Prague: Orbis, 1970.


Very first biography book on Sophia, in Italian, by journalist Arturo Lanocita, film critic for Milan's "Il Corriere della Sera". Book is part of the Famous People series . Very well written, almost like a novel, the book tells Sophia's story from her beginnings until the mid-sixties, when she was at the top of her international career as an actress. Besides the original Italian version, the only other print available is 1970's Czech version titled "Sofie Lorenová". In the 1960's Sophia was tremendously popular in many Eastern European countries like Czechoslovakia and Poland. Let's not forget Sophia and Carlo were personal friends of Tito and visited him on several occasions. Lanocita published several other books in Italy on cinema.


Sophia Loren
Berlin: Henschelverlag, 1966. 64 pp.

Biography - Photography

One of the first books dedicated to Sophia and it is no wonder it comes from Germany, where Sophia won in the 60's 8 times out of 10 the Bambi Award for Most Popular Foreign Actress. Only available in German. Original selection of B/W pictures with descriptions cover half the book which only measures 20 x 13 cm.

Sophia: An Intimate Biogaphy

London: W.H. Allen, 1975. 240 p.
New York
: David McKay Company, Inc. 1975.
202 p.
Sophia: Een intieme biografie
Baarn: In den Toren, 1975. 224 p.


First biography book in English on Sophia by British journalist Donald Zec who uses articles and relations to come up with a long-awaited book on the diva. The biography was unauthorized but has been used by every other biographer as a basis for their own work. Zec met Sophia several times, especially during her stays in London, including the making of The Key and  The Millionairess. Short index and some pictures. The book was also released in Dutch with the equivalent title.

ZEC, Donald

LEVY, Alan

Forever Sophia: An Intimate Portrait
New York: Baronet Publishing Co. 1979. 227 p.
New York: St. Martin's Press, 1986.  264 p.


An intimate portrait of Sophia is presented by journalist Alan Levy who had many interviews with Sophia over a ten-year period, most of the times at her home in Paris or at her Villa in Marino. Many traits of Sophia's personality are revealed. Some pictures, no index.



Sophia: Living and Loving - New York: William Morrow, 1979. 256 p.
La bonne étoile - Paris: Édition du Seuil, 1979. 286 p.

Sophia Loren: Leben und Lieben - Vienna: F. Molden, 1979. 320 p.
Sofia: Vivir y amar - Barcelona: Bruguera, 1980. 287 p.
Sophia Loren - Prague: Interkontactservis, 1993, 155 p.
Sophia Loren - Dhaka: Samoy Prakashan, 2003.


Most publicized biography book on Sophia, translated in several languages and presented as the actress's own  story although she is not credited. Many testimonies by Carlo Ponti and her sister Maria. Intimate insights on Sophia's experiences throughout her life and career. Some pictures.


Sophia Loren - Venezia: Marsilio Editori. 1994. 248 p.
Sophia Loren: la storia dell'ultima diva
Milan, Lindau. 2005. 269 p.

Sophia Loren - Munich: Herbig Verlag. 1997. 272 p.


In-depth look at Sophia's life in the Italian social and political context over the years.  Moscati's book reveals many traits of Sophia and tells many details about her childhood and her relationship with her mother.

HARRIS, Warren G.

Sophia Loren: A Biogaphy 
New York: Simon & Schuster Trade, 1997. 400 p.
Leicester: Charnwood, 1998. 656 p. (large print)

Софи Лорен:
новая Мона Лиза
Эксмо, 2007. 576 p.


By far the most serious biography work on Sophia, mainly because most the information presented is accurate and well documented. The book does not pretend to be an intimate portrait of Sophia and it is probably why it has been severly criticized. Black and white pictures and a useful 15-page index.


La véritable Sophia Loren
Paris: Pygmalion, 2003. 333 p.
Az igazi Sophia Loren
Budapest: Fṹzve, 2005. 261 p.


The author uses other biography books and French magazine articles to document his work. The book has no pictures or index and is, unfortunately, filled with too many anachronisms.

SMALL, Pauline

Sophia Loren: Moulding the Star
London: Intellect Books, 2009. 138 p.
: Intellect Books. 2009.
138 p.

Biography / Essay

Latest book on Sophia written by English lecturer Pauline Small. The book is an excellent source of information the role Sophia played as one of the first European film icons in world cinema. Excellent study, very well documented. Some pictures.


   GIACOBINI, Silvana

Sophia Loren, Una vita da romanzo: Le verità nascoste
Milan: Baldini, Castoldi, Dalai, editore, 2010, 256 p.

Sofia Loren, Una vida de novela
Barcelona: Ecidiones B, 2010, 304 p.


The book is launched with a press conference held by the author in Milan on May 3, 2010.


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