The Films of Sophia Loren
London: LSP Books Ltd, 1974. 256 p.
Secausus, NJ: Citadel Press, 1976. 256 p.

Filmography / Photos

The first complete book dedicated to Sophia Loren's films is an excellent reference guide and was for two decades the only source available. Many newspaper film reviews from the UK and the US with lots of black and white movie stills for each film, from Quo Vadis up to Verdict.

First French book dedicated to Sophia Loren signed by French AFP journalist.
Interesting filmography section (1950-1984) documented with anecdotes and facts, followed by an impressive 134-page black and white photo album  taken from archives and movies.
A must for every Loren fan even if you don't speak French.


Sophia Loren
Éditions PAC, 1984. 220 p.
Format: 30 x 22

Filmography / Photos

BEIER, Lars-Olav

Sophia Lore: Hommage :
Berlin: Henschel Verlag, 1994, 108 pp


This German book was published for the Sophia Loren Retrospective featured at the 1994 Berlin Film Festival. Not a complete filmography but several movies are presented with pictures and reviews.

MASI, Stefano e Enrico Lancia

Sophia Loren (Italian, 1st edition)
Rome: Gremese Editore. 1985. 160 p.
Sophia (Italian)
Rome: Gremese Editore. 2001. 192 p.
Sophia Loren:
The Greatest Italian Diva of All Times

Roma: Gremese Editore. 2001. 192 p
Sophia (French)
Rome: Gremese International. 2001. 192 p.

Biography / Filmography / Photos

Best book ever published on Sophia`s filmgraphy with descriptions, contexts and film reviews from Italian newpapers and magazines. Lavishly illustrated. A must for every Loren fan.


Gad Klein

Sophia Loren: Wie herrlich, eine Frau zu sein
Hamburg: Bear Family, 2003. 304 p.

Posters / Photos

This hard cover book is part of a box set also containing 2 CD's (40 songs) and 1 DVD (38 trailers).  An extraordinary array of press materials on Sophia's filmography printed on fine heavy paper. Posters, daybills, lobby cards, film programs from Germany and other countries.

VALMONT, Frédéric

Sophia Loren: Au rendez-vous du destin
Paris: Éditions Didier Carpentier, 2007, 128 p.

Filmography / Photos


Short biography, complete filmography with plot description, notes and small pictures. The problem is - just as for Meyer-Stabley book - that the it is filled with errors of all kinds. It is the work of an author who compiled information from various sources but who does not know much about Sophia's career. It is worth reading but one has to cautious about the accuracy of the notes.


Sofia Loren: Rapita dal cinema.
I fotoromanzi di Sofia Lazzaro
  Struwwelpeter, 2010, 262 p.

Fumetti / Photos

<>Two complete stories and excerpts from three other fumetti stories - all featuring Sophia - published by Sogno and Cine Illustrato magazines between 1950 and 1952. The book also includes iconographical documents of the same period plus some examples of other fumetti publicatons from South America. Very nice work and a must for all early Loren fans.


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