Studio Session

Sogno (Italy)
Non posso amarti
Cover: Nino Latanza


Era lui... sì! sì !

Era lui... sì! sì !

Italian poster

  Il mago per forza


Milano Miliardaria  Italy - spring

Il mago per forza  Italy - summer

Era lui... sì ! sì ! Italy - summer

Il padrone del vapore  Italy - summer

Anna Italy - summer

 È arrivato l'accordatore Italy - fall


Lebbra bianca February 1
Io sono il capataz  February 28
Milano miliardaria August 4
Il mago per forza November 22
Era lui... sì ! sì !  November 23
Il padrone del vapore    November 23
Anna December 20

Quo Vadis? New York City (Capitol & Astor), November 8


Non posso amarti (I Can't Love You)
Sogno, from November 19, 1950 until April 22, 1951

Il Giardino di Allah
(Allah's Garden)
  Cine Illustrato, from May 20, 1951 through October 14, 1951.

Principessa in esilio (Princess in Exile)
  Sogno, from July 22, 1951 through December 16 1951.


Italy Cine Illustrato, Sogno


Sophia Meets Carlo - September
Sophia meets Carlo Ponti in a Roman restaurant called Colle Oppio, an alfresco nightclub overlooking the Colosseum, on the night of Miss Lazio contest. Ponti, a lawyer and film producer in partnership with Dino De Laurentiis at the apex of the resurgent Rome film industry, is among the judges and sends over an aid to suggest Sophia takes part in the proceedings. Sophia comes second and agrees with Ponti for a meeting the next day at his Piazza Caraoeli office, which turns out to be a disaster.


Marriage Proposals
Sophia is barely 17 years old and receives through Sogno magazine hundreds of marriage proposals by admirers throughout Italy. She is starting to taste the success that cinema has not given her so far.

30,000 Liras per Film
Sophia's cachet for most of her appearances as an extra gives her 30,000 liras a day, which was around $48.00.

Carlo Ponti
Ponti-De Laurentiis Cinematografica produces seven movies in 1951; two of them have Sophia as an extra:  Milano Miliardaria and Il padrone del vapore.

House on via Cosenza
With the money earned from the fumetti and extra roles Sophia, Romilda and Maria have enough money to
move into a small furnished room on via Cosenza, between via Belluna and via Bari, in the north-eastern part of Rome. When Romilda notifies Riccardo Scicolone of their new address he promptly reports them to the police for living in Rome off illegal activities, namely prostitution. Sophia and Romilda have to go to the police station and prove their income is totally legal. "I have never in my life felt so degraded as I did that day, in the presence of the police, having to face my own father's insinuations."

Sogno (Italy)
Principessa in esilio
Cover: Nino Latanza

  Il mago per forza

Io sono il capataz
Italian poster

Non posso amarti
Photo: Nino Latanza

È arrivato l'accordatore

Principessa in esilio
Photo: Nino Latanza

Principessa in esilio
Photo: Nino Latanza

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MAGGIO 1951 Bocciata, a SalsomaggIOre, per Il concorso Mlss Italia, è confortata con il titolo di Miss Eleganza.

GIUGNO 1951 Per la prima volta il nome di Sofia Lazzaro è nel cast di un film, È arrivato l'accordatore.