Aida Set


Sogno (Italy)
Cover: Elio Luxardo

Miseria e nobiltà
Photo: Sergio Strizzi

Necchi Sewing Machines

Africa sotto i mari
German poster

Ci troviamo in galleria

Visto (Italy)

Aida Italy - February, March

Ci troviamo in galleria Italy - summer

La domenica della buona gente Italy - summer

Un giorno in pretura Italy - summer

Il paese dei campanelli Italy - summer

Tempi nostri Italy - fall

Miseria e nobiltà Italy - fall

Carosello napoletano Italy - fall

Due notti con Cleopatra Italy - fall

Pellegrini d'amore Italy - fall

Attila Italy, October - December


Quo Vadis?   March 5
Africa sotto i mari March 20
Aida   October 23
Ci troviamo in galleria   November 6

Il sogno di Zorro Nice, February 18 (L'héritier de Zorro)
Io sono il capataz  Cannes, May 13 (Le retour de Pancho Villa)
Era lui... sì ! sì !  Nice, June 24 (Quelles drôles de nuits!)
Cuori sul mare Paris, July 17 (Les mousquetaires de la mer)
La tratta delle bianche Paris, July 24 (La traite des blanches)
Quo Vadis? Paris, October 2 (Quo Vadis)

Anna New York City (New Yorker), February 18 (Anna)
La favorita New York City (Verdi), October 6 (La favorita)

Il sogno di Zorro (Zorro, der Held)
Africa sotto i mari December 11 (Weiße Frau in Afrika)


Necchi sewing machines
Most likely Sophia's first endorsement.

Leading toothpaste brand in many European countries.


Epoca, Giramondo, Novellefilm, I Romanzi di Sogno, Serena, Sogno, Tempo, Visto


Sophia Is Engaged - September
As a cover for Sophia's very private relationship with Ponti, press agent Mario Natale matches up Sophia with another of his clients, Achille Togliani in the movie Il paese dei campanelli. Visto magazine reports on September 26 that both actors announced their engagement at a party in Sabaudia, near Rome.

Sophia's Competition in 1953
Gina Lollobrigida has four films released in Italy in 1953, including La Provinciale, Beat the Devil (with Bogart) and Pane, amore e fantasia.

New Own Apartment
After filming Aida Sophia finally moves in a larger and more decent apartment in Rome's Nomentano district: a four-room house with a nice balcony on via Ugo Balzani which she shares with her mother Romilda and her sister Maria.

Carlo Ponti
Although Sophia (or Romilda) refuses to sign a contract with Ponti-De Laurentiis Cinematografica, she becomes Ponti's protégée who says he will "take care of you in the film business" by accepting a monthly wage.

Sophia's New Image
"The most tangible sign of this complete transformation is a portrait which appeared on the cover of the periodical "Sogno" at the beginning of 1953, shortly before Africa under the Sea came out. For the last time the cover note bears the actress' old name, with pride and nostalgia: "Sofia Lazzaro, the unforgettable star of many of our fotoromanzi has been taken from us by the cinema: but Sofia has not forgotten the reader of 'Sogno' and affectionately gives them her regards and this reminder of her."
Stefano Masi, Sophia.

Maria Becomes Legitimate Daughter
Riccardo Scicolone, who has always refused to legally recognize Maria as her daughter, proposes her mother Romilda that he be paid in exchange for the legal document. Sophia then gives all her earnings from Aida
(1 million lire / $1,600) to her father for his consent to give his name to her sister Maria, which allows her to attend a public school in Italy.

Christmas Party
Christmas party on the set of Attila, at Vasca Navale Studios, in Rome

Achille Togliani
Ci troviamo in galleria set

La domenica della buona gente
Italian poster

At Home
Photo: Giuseppe Palmas

Tempo magazine (Italy)

Due notti con Cleopatra

Carosello napoletano
Photo: Arnoldo Vaselli

Tempi nostri

Il paese dei campanelli

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