"I need Carlo on my side. I am sure of myself only when he is near me." – Sophia Loren

Carosello napoletano
Cannes Premiere

Photo: Edward Quinn

Italian Film Week
Rivoli Theatre, London

Photo: John Eggitt

Berlin Film Festival
Photo: Heinz Koster

Schuberth's Atelier /Ferragamo

Costume fitting session
Photo: Giancolombo

Milano Centrale
Photo: Fedele Toscani

Spanish publicity

Le Ore (Italy)
Cover: Giancolombo

La donna del fiume
Photo: Federico Patellani

Miss Weldor 1954

Carosello napoletano
Photo Call
Photo: Giancolombo

Peccato che sia una canaglia
Italian poster

Cannes Film Festival
Photo: Kary Lash

Peikov's studio
Photo: Federico Patellani

Attila Italy, January (pick-up shots)

L'oro di Napoli 
Italy, February - March

Peccato che sia una canaglia Italy, May - June

La donna del fiume Italy, August - November

Il segno di Venere Italy, November - January 1955


The Girl Rush
RKO officials announce that both Sophia and Eleonora Rossi-Drago are to be film-tested in September for a role in the musical The Girl Rush starring Rosalind Russell. The two Italian actresses finally refuse to compete for a secondary role opposite the American actress.


Un giorno in pretura   January 13
Il paese dei campanelli   January 28
Due notti con Cleopatra   February 4
Tempi nostri   March 16
Miseria e nobiltà   April 8
Carosello napoletano    October 1
Pellegrini d'amore    October 11
L'oro di Napoli  December 3
Attila   December 27
Peccato che sia una canaglia  December 28
La donna del fiume   December 29

Carosello napoletano Cannes, April 4 (Le carrousel fantastique)
Africa sotto i mari Nice, July 14 (Sous les mers d'Afrique)

  La tratta delle bianche February 5 (Mädchenhandel)

La tratta delle bianche New York City, June 6 (Girls Marked Danger)
Aida New York City (Little Carnagie), November 11 (Aida)

Quo Vadis?  February 11
Carosello napoletano   December 23 (Carrusel napolitano)


Miss Weldor of 1954 - April
Sophia - The International Screen Star - is voted Miss Weldor of 1954 by the national Eutectic Welders Club in Flushing, NY, in the United States.


Bolero Film, Cinema, Cinema Nuovo, Cineromanzo per tutti, Cronaca, Epoca, L'Europeo, Festival, Film d'oggi, Mascotte, Oggi, Le Ore, Otto Volante, Radiocorriere, I Romanzi di Sogno, Serena, La Settimana Incom, Settimo Giorno, Sorrisi e Canzoni, Tempo, Tentazione, Vie Nuove, Visto, Le Vostre Novelle

West Germany
IBZ, Kristall, Münchner Illustrierte, Neue Illustrierte, Quick, Stern


Festival, Les Folies de Paris et de Hollywood, Frou Frou, Jours de France, Le Soir Illustré



Sophia endorses the Spanish stock cubes brand and is a star guest in the contest El Buque Fantasma broadcast in Spain.


La Bontà di Napoli - January 16
Sophia takes part in a benefit performance called La bontà di Napoli (Napoli's Goodwill) at Teatro San Carlo in Naples. Sophia is dressed as a blindfolded goddess who draws the number of the lucky winner of a benefit lottery. The prize is a brand new Fiat 1100.

Destini di donne - February 4
Sophia attends at a Rome theater the presentation of the film Destini di donne starring Raf Vallone.

Cannes Film Festival
- April 4

Sophia attends for the first time the famous French festival where the film Carosello napoletano is presented. She stays at the Carlton Hotel and among the famous Cannes photographers who catch her in their camera eyes are: Edward Quinn, Leo Mirkine and Serge Lido. Lollobrigida is still the reigning queen but things will soon change. Festival dates: March 25 through April 9.

Miss Weldor - April 12
American Eutectic Welders Club of Flushing, NY, hands in to Sophia a framed parchment certificate at the Foreign Press Building in Rome for the title Miss Weldor of 1954, which translates into "the girl we'd most like to weld with".

Berlin Film Festival - June 28
Sophia and Gina Lollobrigida, top rivals in Italy, meet for the first time at the Berlin Film Festival. Historical photos of both vixens, both dressed by Schuberth, are taken with Yvonne De Carlo in the middle during the evening gala.

Italian Film Week in London - October 25
To launch the Italian Film Week in London - where Carosello napoletano is presented - Unitalia, the official organization of the Italian film industry, flies two plane loads of actresses, including Sophia and Gina Lollobrigida. The two stars avoid each other like the plague. For the opening ceremonies at the Empire Theatre Sophia is dressed in a strapless evening gown, - which she picked up at Schubert's atelier a few days before - with a matching fur-trimmed cape, wearing a rhinestone tiara for her hair. Queen Elizabeth II looks a bit perturbed when Sophia curtsies before her but says nothing as photographers' cameras are flashing.

On the Waterfront Screening - November 11
Sophia attends the screening of "On the Waterfront" with actor Marlon Brando in Rome where he receives the Francesco Pasinetti prize. The screening is given for the benefit of the victims of the Salerno flood which occurred a few weeks before.

Single Males and Females Conference - December 5
Sophia is invited by Countess Marisa Pazzi to be guest of honor at the International Conference for single men and women (Convegno degli scapoli e delle nubili) which brings Italy's fashionable people together in Capri.

Christmas Gifts to the Poor - December 10
Sophia participates in Christmas festivities on Piazza Navona in Rome where gifts are handed to poor children.

US Leghorn Army Depot - December 15
Sophia wants to meet more American men to prepare herself for a visit to the USA, so she is invited for the opening of a new dining room at the US Leghorn Army Depot, at Camp Darby, near Livorno, in a campaign aimed at boosting her exposure in the USA where her film Aida was released a few weeks before.

Pizzaiola in Milan - December 25
Sophia is greeted by hundreds of fans at her arrival at Milano Centrale. She is officially visiting the city for the first time and is welcome at Palazzo Marino by Mayor Virgilio Ferrari. As she is promoting the movie L'Oro di Napoli that just came out, Sophia hands out hundreds of pizzas at Piazza Babila.

Godmother for Beauty Contest -
Sophia acts as the godmother of the annual beauty contest organized by weekly magazine Vie Nuove.


Mambo Bacan
(Roman Vatro, Francesco Giordano)
Directed by Armando Trovajoli


Arrivi e partenze - April 11
Star guest on Italian variety show hosted by Mike Bongiorno.

Rosso e nero - May 6
Star guest at the variety show hosted by Nino Taranto. 

US Marine Band - September
Sophia is invited by an Italian TV network to greet Marine Corps music band composed of young American orphan kids in Rome. They sing a serenata to Sophia as she closes her eyes and make a wish.


Topless - February
Sophia is shown topless for the second time with the movie Due notti con Cleopatra. Those scenes can be seen on some publicity posters for both Italian and foreign releases.

First Encounter with De Sica - February
Sophia has an interview with Vittorio De Sica but they don't talk about any specific movie project. One week later, he calls Sophia and asks her if she can leave for Naples the next day. Yes, Sophia is going for the Gold of Naples.

Pneumonitis - March
Sophia finds herself very sick after contracting bronchial pneumonia during L'oro di Napoli scene where she strolls through the pouring rain. She has to remain inactive and spends most of her time in bed. Her first public appearance after her convalescence is at the Cannes Film Festival during the first week of April.

Emilio Schuberth
Sophia adopts Neapolitan designer Emilio Schuberth whose fashion house in located on via Settembre in Rome. Sophia is not ready yet for Dior collection with its emphasis of the bustline as she is quoted as saying, in August, "the new Dior line doesn't apply to me. I am Italian - Neapolitan, in fact." It won't be long before Sophia changes her mind and becomes one of Dior's main customers for years.

Sophia's Press Agent
Enter Basilio Franchina in the career of Sophia with the objective, under Ponti’s direction, to make her a new Pygmalion
. Franchina will become over the years one Sophia's most important confidents.

Diamond Ring - September
Ponti comes to the Donna del fiume set on the last day of shooting and offers Sophia a ring with two diamonds, one black and one white. It is the first significant gift Carlo offers Sophia, which implies the commitment for a long-term relationship.

Sophia's Statue - November
Sophia poses for Bulgarian-born artist Assen Peikov who scupts a 7-meter high statue in his via Margutta atelier in Rome.

Censured Cover - December
Cronache magazine publishes on its December 21 cover a picture of Sophia in lingerie which later takes its editor Gualtiero Jacopetti to court for indecency with a fine of $130. According to the judge the picture taken by photographer Domenico Esposito showing Sophia lifting her evening gown to show her long, well-formed legs "offended good taste".

San Remo - December
Announcement that Sophia will be part of the jury in charge of selecting the songs to be presented at the 1955 edition of the San Remo Song Festival. Sophia will eventually turn the offer down.

Gene Cook Exhibit - December
"Sophia Loren, the new Italian doll they're all talking about, is now to be seen at Photographer Gene Cook's one-man show at the N.Y. Camera Club. When Cook shot her in Italy, she was driving her own fast car at a shocking clip and suddenly swung around and took after a high-powered Isotta Franchini which turned out to be driven by her boy friend. Cook asked her how she knew her beau was near. "I could tell by the sound of his motor," she said—so evidently motor music has replaced mandolin music in modern Rome." The New York Times.

Carlo Ponti
Carlo produces many movies which will become classics over the years, such as La Strada by Fellini and La Romana by Zampa, starring Lollobrigida. L'oro di Napoli, Attila and La donna del fiume are produced by Ponti-De Laurentiis Cinematografica.

Cannes Film Festival
Photo: Edward Quinn

Photo session
Photo: Domenico Esposito


On the Waterfront /Brando

L'oro di Napoli
Photo: Sergio Strizzi

Sophia hunting
Camacchio Valley
Photo: Franco Fedeli

Leghorn Army Depot

La donna del fiume
Photo: Gene Cook

Berlin Film Festival
Loren, De Carlo, Lollobrigida
Photo: Heinz Koster

Epoca (Italy)

Rosso e Nero
Photo: Palleschi

Peccato che sia una canaglia
Photo Call
Photo: G.B. Poletto

Photo Session
Photo: Domenico Esposito

La Bontà di Napoli


Berlin Film Festival
Photo: Heinz Koster

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