"I have everything I ever wanted or any woman ever wanted. Now I want more of the same."  – Sophia Loren

It Started in Naples
Off Stage
Photo: Pierluigi Praturlon

Cannes Film Festival
Napoule Marina

Switzerland Holidays
Photo: Luc Fournol

Mikoyan at Paramount Hollywood

It Started in Naples
Shooting in Naples
Photo: Pierluigi Praturlon

Carlton Hotel

It Started in Naples
Shooting in Naples
Photo: Pierguigi Praturlon

Heller in Pink Tights
Movie Still

Maurice Chevalier's Villa

Home Photo Session
Photo: Sam Shaw

Switzerland Holidays
Photo: Luc Fournol

Arnold Fox store
New York City

Cabaret Lido
Sitting nex to Maurice Chevalier

Victoire Awards

Texas Citizen
It Started in Naples set
Photo: Pierluigi Praturlon

Berlin Film Festival

Maison Christian Dior
Photo: Luc Fournol


Heller in Pink Tights
USA, January - April

A Breath of Scandal
Austria, Italy, May - July

It Started in Naples
Italy, August - October


Ponti-Gerosi film production based on the Bizet opera with Spain locations to be directed by George Cukor is announced in February.

The Kiss-Off
Film to be shot in Naples with Spencer Tracy under the direction of Garson Kanin.


The Black Orchid
New York City plaza February 12
That Kind of Woman
New York City roxy September 11
Tempi Nostri
New York City
little carnegie September 28 (The Anatomy of Love)

Rome - August (Cinzia)

Luci del varietà
  February 13 (Lichter des Varieté)
The Black Orchid
  March 24 (Die schwarze Orchidee)
  September 29 (Hausboot)

The Black Orchid
Paris, April 24 (L'orchidée noire)
Legend of the Lost
Paris, July (La cité disparue)
Paris, October 2 (La péniche du bonheur)

Boy on a Dolphin
  Madrid lope de vega January 22 (La sirena y el delfín)


Tokyo Film Festival (Japan)
Best actress for The Key, Tokyo, April 1

Nuit de la Chancellerie (France)
Victoire Award for Best Foreign actress, Paris, Palais de Chaillot, May 29

Honorary Texan (USA)
 Certificate of Honorary Citizen of the Empire of Texas
received on the set of It Started in Naples, Rome, October 20


Alta Tensione, Epoca, L'Europeo, Fiesta, Film, Mascotte, Meridiano, Il Musichiere, Noi Donne, Novella, Oggi, Le Ore, Quattroruote, Rotosei, La Settimana Incom Illustrata, Settimo Giorno, Tempo, Vie Nuove, Visto, I Vostri Film

West Germany
Film Journal, Kristall, Münchner Illustrierte, Neue Illustrierte, Picnic, Revue, Star Revue, Der Stern


Almanach Cinémonde, Bonnes Soirées, Calypso, Ciné Album, Cinémonde, Elle, Festival, Les Films du Coeur, Jeunesse Cinéma, Jours de France, Marie-Claire, Noir et Blanc, Photo Cinéma, Radar, Télé-Ciné Révélation, TV Ciné Actualité


Cine Mundo, Destino, Gaceta Ilustrada, Lecturas, Mujer, Ondas, Triunfo

ABC Film Review, Continental Film Review, Fans' Star Library, Picture Show, True Romance, What's on in London


Coloroto Magazine, Inside Story, Parade, Silver Screen, Sir

Cine Album, Elegidos de la Fama, Estampa, Filmelândia, Idilio, El Lechero, Manchete, Mundo Uruguayo, Paquita, Revista de su Hogar



Max Factor
Full-color magazine ads for the American cosmetics firm which started as a beauty salon in Hollywood. Max Factor has been associated for a long with the world of movie make-up.


Moulin Rouge in Hollywood - January 3
Now an American jazz fan Sophia attends a Louis Prima performance at Moulin Rouge in Hollywood. She meets him backstage to take an impromptu lesson in trumpet.

Academy Awards
- April 6
Sophia is invited for the second time to attend the Oscar ceremonies, which take place at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood, where she presents Best Song Award to Dean Martin.

Cannes Film Festival - May
Sophia attends the most famous film festival in the world for the fourth time. She is with Carlo for the screening of Nella città l'inferno on May 13 starring Anna Magnani and Giuletta Masina. Reception given by Cannes mayor Bernard Cornut-Gentille at Napoule Castle in Mandelieu. Festival dates: April 30 through May 15.
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Nuit de la Chancellerie - May 29
Sophia attends the Nuit de la Chancellerie at Palais de Chaillot in Paris where she receives her Victoire Award for Best Foreign actress from General Charles De Gaulle. Old flame Cary Grant, Yul Brynner, William Holden and Maurice Chevalier are also present at the ceremonies.

Austrian Derby - June 9
Sophia attends the Austrian Derby in Vienna while she is still filming A Breath of Scandal.

Berlin Film Festival - July 4
After stopping in Frankfurt, uptight Sophia flies to Berlin where she attends West Germany's main festival and meets with gallant city's Mayor Willy Brandt at city hall.  she signs a "golden book" for distinguished visitors and accepts a white porcelain replica of the city's freedom bell whose original hangs in the city hall tower. Sophia and Carlo attend the traditional Film Ball at the Palais am Funkturm, a highlight of the festival.

David di Donatello - July 26
Sophia and Carlo meet in Sicilia for a discrete vacation and Sophia attends the presentation of the David di Donatello in Taormina.

A Night at the Lido
- December 12
Sophia, who has been on a diet for a few weeks, attends with Carlo a new variety show called Avec Plaisir at the Lido de Paris.


Carrousel aux images - February 17
Interview on Belgian TV with Selim Sasson

Interview with Horst Janke - July 4, 1959
Interview on German television.


Bigamy Case Opens - January 2
Rome's public prosecutor opens proceedings to determine whether bigamy charges can be brought against Sophia and Carlo.

Russians Like Her Too
- January 13
Sophia meets with Soviet Minister of Trade Anastas Mikoyan who is visiting Paramount studios in Hollywood. The contents of their brief encounter are soon published in Italian magazine Epoca as an interview with Sophia.

Sophia Hurt in Heller Fight - April 2
Sophia is taken to a Hollywood hospital for a possible broken arm after Steve Forrest fell on her while they were wrestling during a scene for the film Heller in Pink Tights.

New York City, Bürgenstock
- April 14

Sophia flies from Los Angeles to Switzerland for a short holiday in Bürgenstock with a quick stop for a shopping spree in New York City, including a stop at Arnold Fox store on Seventh Avenue.

Sophia Goes on a Slimming Course
- May
While trying on some clothes at Maison Nina Ricci in Paris Sophia realizes that zippers have exploded on the natural impulsion of her breast and hips. She decides to go on a severe diet in order to lose the extra weight and keep her glorious figure down to the trim demanded by Hollywood.

De Sica Directs Sophia on the Q.T. - June
Film director Michael Curtiz, who has a very thick Hungarian accent, cannot direct Sophia adequately so Ponti, without telling him, calls for Vittorio De Sica who takes care of a few scenes. He is not credited for his contribution to the movie.

Humor for Peace - July 6
Sophia agrees to become chairman of a "Humor for Peace" committee. Aim of the committe is to use humor as a means of promoting all relaxation of world tension. Summit is to take place at the Venice Film Festival in September with British actor Alec Guinness, American comedian Danny Kaye, Russian clown Popov, and French director Jacques Tati.

Return to Rome - July 22
Back in Rome after a two-year absence Sophia unexpectedly finds a bunch of reporters in the garage of her sister's house on Via di Villa Ada. She stays in Rome a few days for the shooting of A Breath of Scandal's studio scenes at Titanus Appia where she meets with Paramount's head man in Italy Pilde Nevi.

Church Bans Marriage - August 6
A Roman Catholic tribunal refuses to clear the way for Carlo and Sophia to legalize their marriage in Italy, despite a Mexican divorce obtained by Ponti in August 1957.

Carlo's Visit - August 7
Carlo joins Sophia in Rome prior to her to departure for the island of Capri where the shooting of It Started in Naples is about to start. He leaves eleven days later a free man despite widespread speculation that his stay with Sophia would land him in jail on a bigamy charge. No bigamy action can be taken against Ponti and Sophia unless charges are filed by Ponti's first wife or Italy's Minister of Justice. The public prosecutor just happens to be on holidays.

Bigamy Charge Filed - September 11
Sophia learns on the set of It Started in Naples that an Italian court has given the go-ahead to bigamy proceedings against her and Carlo. She works part of the day but everyone can tell is very upset.

Sophia's birthday
- September 19
Members of the movie crew toss a party for Sophia on the eve of her birthday. She blows out the 25 candles on her birthday cake. Although they have been careful to keep apart from one another in public, Carlo flies in Capri to present Sophia with a beautiful diamond and ruby necklace for her birthday.

Visit to Pozzuoli - October 2
Sophia takes some time off and goes back to her home town Pozzuoli, which is just a few kilometers away, and meets with her family members she has not seen since she left for America.

Paris Break - December 8
Sophia returns to Paris, where she and Carlo have an apartment on rue Rivoli, and stays there for about three months. Shopping spree at Dior, Maggy Rouff and Barthet houses and Christmas holidays with family and friends.

A Breath of Scandal
Off Stage

Birthday Celebration

Carlton Hotel

Holidays in Switzerland
Grocery-shopping in Lucerne
Photo: Luc Fournol

Interview with Horst Janke

Kloten Airport
En route to Bûrgenstock

Maison Christian Dior
Photo: Nicolas Tikhomiroff

Louis Prima Concertat
Moulin Rouge

A Breath of Scandal
Off Stage with Carlo Ponti
Photo: G.B. Poletto

Lux Soaps
Argentinian advertisement
Photo: Tony Vaccaro

Orly Airport

Academy Awards
Photo: Frank Worth

It Started in Naples
Movie Still
Photo: Robert B. Lebeck

Arrival in Vienna
Schwechat Airport

Villa Ada

Heller in Pink Tights
Paramount's designer Edith Head

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