Coty perfume

Arrival at airport

Photo session

Photo: Yousuf Karsh

Photo session
Los Angeles
Photo: Jo Richard

Blood Feud
German poster

Lux Soaps
Swedish publicity

Dr. Etienne Baulieu

Lux Soaps
TV Publicity



Sophia turns down in September an offer to play a steady role in Dynasty, one of the most successful American teleseries at the time. She is replaced by British actress Joan Collins who collects $600,000 for appearing on 22 episodes shown in 1982.


Blood Feud
West Germany, December 18 (Flutfehde)




Gallo Pasta



Book and Perfume -
Toronto - May 5

Philadelphia - May

Fragrance Ball - June 10
Sophia attends the Fragrance Ball at the Sheraton Center in New York City where her perfume takes top honor at the Fragrance Foundation Recognition Awards. The perfume 'Sophia' wins awards for advertising, packaging and commercial introduction competing in a field of 18 new fragrances at the event.

The Little Foxes - June
While in New York Sophia attends Elizabeth Taylor's performance in "The Little Foxes" at the Martin Beck Theater.

Promotion in Pennsylvania - October 31
Sophia is Hass's locations in Allentown and Harrisburg to promote her autobiography book and perfume.


Aktuell, Bunte, Cosas, La Domenica del Corriere, Epoca, Le Figaro TV,
Frau im Spiegel, Freizeit Revue, Globe, Good Housekeeping,
Il Matino Illustrato, Paris Match, Star System, TV Todo, Woman


Ponti Cleared of Fraud Charges - January 21
A Rome court rules that Ponti has no case to answer in a fraud charge involving $2 millions of public money. The Roman judge also orders the release of assets seized.

Yousuf Karsh Sessions
- February
Canadian photographer Yousuf Karsh, on an assignment for French magazine Paris Match, flies in February from Ottawa to Paris in order to have a photo session in Sophia's home, on George V Avenue. Karsh is quoted saying: "Sophia is the only woman who dared show up before me with her hair in curlers".

Gente vs. Loren - February 16
A Milan court orders further investigation to identify the photographer who took photographs of Sophia topless while sunbathing at a Saint-Tropez villa in 1980. Sophia does not attend but is represented by her lawyer.

Italy Claims $685,000 to Sophia - April 15
The Italian finance ministry claims as part of its campaign against tax evasion that Sophia owes $685,00 in back taxes, taking into account her tax returns through 1974.

Liaison with Dr. Baulieu

Sophia is reported during the summer being romantically involved with Etienne Emile Baulieu, the Paris doctor who developed the controversial abortion pill RU486, after they are seen together in Paris. When the story broke, Baulieu's wife would have said, "What could he do? He fell in love. After all, Sophia Loren is a superb woman." Sophia has always denied any kind of affair or involvement with the doctor. Sophia also answered to McCall's magazine the following year stating, "My husband and I never discuss these things. He wouldn't understand", adding her life with Ponti was orderly and stable, but left her feeling deprived.

Carlo Ponti Hospitalized - July
Carlo Ponti is hospitalized in Paris in July at Hôpital Saint-Antoine for what Sophia publicly announces to be a viral hepatitis. Ponti is diagnosed with prostate cancer and undergoes surgery in Los Angeles in October.

La Concordia
Sophia and Carlo purchase an amazing property south of Los Angeles from Oscar-nominated actress Eve Arden and make it their own private refuge for more than 20 years. Built in the late 1940s, La Concordia enjoys a special history all its own and has long been a hideaway for a succession of stars. The property is renovated over a period of two years by Beverly Hills decorator Alberto Lenzi at a reported cost of $4 million. The estate is sold in December 2006. Address: 1151 Hidden Valley Ranch Road, Thousand Oaks, CA 91361.

Art Collection Confiscated - October 5
Italian Supreme Court ruling allows the state to take possession of works by Picasso, Braque, De Chirico and Canaletto stored at the Brera museum in Milan.

Coty perfume

Good Housekeeping (USA)

Lux Soaps
Malaysian publicity

Fragrance Ball
New York City

Photo: Ron Galella

Freizeit Revue (West Germany) 08/10/81

Epoca (Italy)

Lux Soaps
Swedish publicity

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