Town & Country (USA)

Designers Guild
Beverly Hills

Photo: Paul Smith

Mille di questi giorni

Evening Gala
Rio de Janeiro
Photo: Roberto Price

Shopping Cittá America
Rio de Janeiro

Photo: Antônio Galdério

Quem (Brazil)

Barbara Walters Special Armani
Los Angeles

Francesca e Nunziata
Photo: Angelo Frontoni

Walter Matthau Memorial
Los Angeles
Photo: Rose M. Prouser

Francesca e Nunziata
Naples to Procida

Grease Charity Fund
Photo: Arne Dedert


Francesca e Nunziata
Italy, October - December


Swiss National Mint
Calling Sophia "the ideal image of Italy throughout the world", the Swiss National Mint honors her in Bern on March 8 - even though Switzerland is keeping its currency - with a diamond-studded gold coin at festivities that mark the arrival of the euro and the phasing out of the lira in her native Italy.

Lady Harimaguada Award (Spain)
Sophia is crowned "queen" at the First International Film Festival of Las Palmas (Canaries) on April 16.

Gold Pyramid (Egypt)
Lifetime Achievement Award, Cairo Film Festival, Opera Theater,  November 7.


American eyeweare company releases new Sophia Loren Sunwear. The model M102 Stainless Steel wins best frame award at the OLA convention in San Diego. - April
Major promotional campaign is launched in late April, including print ads as well as national television and radio advertising.

Dessert by David Glass - January
American dessert creator David Glass ceases to use the brand name The Ultimate Sophia Loren Luscious Italian Almond Cake which was created in 1997 because he and Sophia no longer agree on royalties fees. The name is changed in April to The Ultimate Cecilia Bartoli Luscious Almond Cake.


Russian National Orchestra
- January 21

Sophia attends with her son Edoardo the Russian National Orchestra luncheon at the famous Russian Tea Room restaurant in New York City. Carlo, Jr. is RNO's guest conductor.

Costume Designers Guild - February 12
Sophia attends the Costume Designers Guild in Beverly Hills which salutes the achievements of its designers in TV and film galas. She wears a gown created by Nolan Miller who designed the costumes for TV series Dynasty.

Symphony of the Stars - March 25
Sophia's son Carlo makes his American conducting debut in San Bernardino with a concert called Symphony of the Stars. Sophia arrives after the concert started so she does not upstage her son's work.

International Film Festival of Las Palmas - April 15
Accompanied by actor Alberto Sordi, Sophia is crowned "queen" as she receives the 'Lady Harimaguada' prize at the First International Film Festival of Las Palmas (Canaries). Sophia also visits the beautiful island of Lanzarote.

Maggio Musicale Fiorentino - April 21
Maggio Fiorentino opera festival in Florence where friend Zubin Metha is conductor of the orchestra since 1985.

Notre-Dame-de-Paris - May 23
Sophia is in London for the premiere of the Notre-Dame-de-Paris musical as she enters the Dominion Theatre accompanied by singer Riccardo Cocciante who wrote the music for the musical. She attends the flamboyant after-show party at Bedford Square where she stays long after some younger guests fall by the wayside.

The Venetian's First Anniversary - July 1
Sophia returns to Las Vegas on June 30 in order to host The Venetian resort belated First Anniversary Party which has a dinner - dubbed as Meal of the Century - for 670 people. Sophia had christened the Venice-themed casino resort in May 1999.

Walter Matthau Memorial - August 6
Sophia is part of some 500 members of the Hollywood elite who attend on August 6 a ceremony at the Directors Guild Theater in Los Angeles to remember Walter Matthau - his co-star in Grumpier Old Men - who died on July 1.

Apartment in New York - August
Sophia purchases a two-story apartment (64th and 65th floors) at the Trump World Tower, the world's tallest residential building, across from the United Nations, while it is still being constructed. The luxury high-rise built by celebrity mogul Donald Trump also has as residents Harrison Ford and Bill Gates.

Cittá America - September 29
On her first trip to Brazil, Sophia is guest of honor to inaugurate a new shopping center in Rio de Janeiro called Cittá America. "The presence of Sophia Loren marks the opening of this shopping mall with glitz, charm and elegance", says Ricardo Amaral, one of the three partners involved in the project. She also participates in festivities in Barra da Tijuca, an upscale suburb of Rio, where she meets with Brazilian playboy Jorge Guinle, better known as Jorginho.

Armani Collection - October 4
Sophia spends a few days in Milan for the Armani Spring 2001 Collection presentation and the opening of a $62 million concept store on Via Manzoni 31 the next day.

Cairo International Film Festival - November 7
Sophia is guest of honor at the Cairo Film Festival, Egypt, and receives a Lifetime Achievement award at the Cairo Opera Theater.

Pozzuoli - November 12
Sophia causes a press circus as she returns to her home town Pozzuoli where she is greeted by mayor Gennaro Devoto before taking a boat from Naples to Procida where shooting of Wertmüller's new film Francesca e Nunziata is about to start. Sophia's has not been in Pozzuoli for 15 years and is accompanied by her sister Maria and her niece Alessandra.

Grease Charity Fund - December 16
Sophia is guest of honor at a charity fund event to aid poor children in Frankfurt, prior to the presentation of musical gala show Grease at the Frankfurt Jahrhunderthalle in Germany.

Stargazer Casino - December 20
Guest of honor with actor Jackie Chan at the festivities surrounding the Stargazer Casino opening ceremonies on December 16 at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, CT.


Celebrity Focus, Chi, Italia, Movie Market, Parade, Stop, Town & Country.


Mille di questi giorni - May 10
Special guest interviewed by Paolo Limiti. Italy, Rai Uno.

Cuore di TV
- September 12
TV Special on Raiuno produced by Italo Moscati.

Barbara Walters Special
- September 12
Sophia Loren discusses her life on the ABC's TV show.


Murder in defense of Sophia - March
In one of the most senseless murders in the annals of crime, an Italian man stabs his German brother-in-law to death, because the brother-in-law said actress Sophia Loren "has gotten fat". The murdered man, Hanz Deitzmann, and his wife Maria were in Verona visiting Maria's brother-in-law Carlo Pirelli.

Sophia Can't Vote
- May
Sophia's name is withdrawn from the election list for the May 20 referendum because she did not provide a permanent address in Italy. She prefers not to fight it and avoid having her name associated with Mussolini again. After all, as she says, "I am from Naples and I will always be a Neapolitan woman."

Boys Will Be Boys
- September
Sophia's eldest son, Carlo Jr., is arrested in September for impair driving in Camarillo, near their home in Thousand Oaks, California.

Francesca e Nunziata / Bova
Photo: Angelo Frontoni

Francesca e Nunziata
Photo: Angelo Frontoni

Parade (USA)

Las Palmas Festival / Sordi
Canary Islands

Swiss National Mint

Photo: Sabina Bobst

Armani store / Armani

Cairo Film Festival
Photo: Marwan Naamani

Notre-Dame-de-Paris premiere
with Riccardo Cocciante

Italia (USA)

Gift Certicate
American TV spot

Designers Guild
Beverly Hills

Photo: Paul Smith

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