"The most important thing in life is enthusiasm and positive thinking." –  Sophia Loren

Telekamery Award

So Graham Norton

Sophia Loren
by Masi & Macia

Cover: Angelo Frontoni

Between Strangers
Photo: Ava V. Gerlitz


Between Strangers
  Photo: Ava V. Gerlitz

Sorrisi e Canzoni TV (Italy)

Porcelanosa Gala Dinner
Prince Charles, Isabel Preysler


Miss Italia Pageant
Photo: Stefano Micozzi

Cancer Research
TV Publicity Spot

Secchiaroli Exhibition


  Between Strangers
Canada, June - August


Francesca and Nunziata
Montreal (World Film Festival), August 16


Telekamery 2001
Best Foreign Actress, Warsaw, January 15

Platinum Telegatto (Italy)
Lifetime Achievement Award, Milan, May 22

Premio Barocco (Italy)
Movie personality of the Year, Gallipoli, June 29

Special Grand Prize of the Americas (Canada)
World Film Festival, Montreal, August 26

Vittorio De Sica Award (Italy)
Quirinale Palace, Rome, November 26




Russian National Orchestra
Chair of the Russian Arts Foundation's Artists Council

Italian Association for Cancer Research - November 19
Sophia shoots a commercial spot for the Italian Association for Cancer Research at Rome's Cinecittà. Cancer research campaign continues with the release of a black and white photo in which Sophia sits on a huge moneybox reading 'The last good action for the lira'.


Telekamery 2001 - January 15
Sophia arrives in Warsaw, Poland, on January 14, following a special invitation from the editors of a Polish magazine. During the Telekamery 2001 awards gala on January 15 at the Polski Theater, she receives a statuette for Best Foreign Actress. Sophia is also invited by Poland's First Lady, Jolanta Kwasniewska, at the Presidential Palace of Warsaw.

Maggio Musicale Fiorentino - May 6
Sophia attends the premiere of Il Trovatore by Giuseppe Verdi, which inaugurates the 64th Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, in Florence.

Porcelanosa Gala Dinner - May 11
Sophia, dressed in Armani, Isabel Preysler, in Ralph Lauren, princess Ira de Furstenberg, model Inés Sastre and guest of honor Prince Charles are among the 450 glamour celebrities who gather in Villareal, Spain, for a posthumous tribute to the founder of Porcelanosa, José Soriano. The gala dinner is qualified as spectacular.

Telegatto Awards - May 22
Sophia receives a second Platinum Telegatto, this time from actor Sean Penn, at the Italian Telegatto Awards Night at Milan's Teatro Ventaglio Nazionale. After she receives her prize from Sean Penn, she is stuck in the middle of a family argument on marriage between Maurizio Costanzo and his wife Maria De Filippi who had asked her what her secret was for a successful marriage.
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Between Strangers Press Conference - May 30
Press conference in Toronto before filming of Between Strangers starts.

Premio Barocco Città di Gallipoli - June 29
Musical event broadcast live on Raiuno from Gallipoli's Old Port where Sophia receives the Premio Barocco and is invited by singer Gigi D'Allessio to singer with the song Reginella. At the end of the song he steals a kiss from Sophia who is surprised but not unhappy.

Villa Montalvo Concert - July 27
All eyes are on Sophia as she attends dinner and performance of the Russian National Orchestra, conducted by her son Carlo, at the beautiful Villa Montalvo in Saratoga, California.

World Film Festival - August 26
Sophia is in Montreal for he World Premiere of Francesca e Nunziata and is presented the Special Grand Prize of the Americas for her "exceptional contribution to cinema". When asked why she had accepted to come to the Festival, she answers "because I love you".

Miss Italia Pageant - September 10-11
Sophia is the godmother for the Miss Italia Pageant contest in Salsomaggiore. She stays at the same hotel where she had stayed in 1950 and says: "It's where my career started."

Sophia inaugurates new Porcelanosa ceramic shops in Corsico, near Milan, on October 2 - Claudia Schiffer, Ornella Muti and Jennifer Lopez are also part of the crowd - and in Sevilla, Spain, on November 25.

Sevilla Horse Fair - November 24-25
Sophia is in Sevilla, Spain, to attend the Salón Internacional del Caballo (Sicab) on the 24th at the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos and to give duchess of Alba an prize for her dedication to the horse world. She later attends the evening festivities at the Osborne Ybarra palace. Sophia inaugurates a Percelanosa ceramic shop the next day.

Vittorio De Sica Award - November 26
Sophia pays tribute to director Vittorio De Sica as she and a cast of Italian movie greats gather at Rome's Quirinale Palace to receive an award that bears De Sica's name to mark the 100th anniversary of his birth. Sophia is quoted as saying: "To receive this award has been very moving. I would have wanted Vittorio by my side".


The Observer Magazine, Primo, Sorrisi e Canzoni TV, Tele Bolero,
Tele Tidzień, Telerama.


So Graham Norton - February 16
Guest appearance on the British TV show.

Telegatti - May 23
Award-winner at the ceremony broadcast on Canale 5.


Sophia Style

Book by Deirdre Donohue is released in the USA on August 1

Sophia Loren
Book by Stefano Masi and Enrico Macia is released in the USA.


Sophia's Son Sentenced to Jail - March 14
Sophia's eldest son, Carlo, Jr., starts a one-month imprisonment in Ventura County Jail after being sentenced for a second time for driving under the influence. The arrest happened in February and there was no accident or people involved.

Tazio Secchiaroli Photo Exhibition - December 10
Sophia attends the photography exhibition of her late personal photographer Tazio Secchiaroli at the Chiostro del Bramante in Rome. "Do I look the same as 30 years ago?", she asks. "Yes, indeed. Don't you know I made a pact with the devil?" Exhibit dates: October 18, 2001 through January 18, 2002.

Arrival in Warsaw
Photo: Tomasz Gzell

Telegatto Award
Photo: Daniel Dal Zennaro

Carlo purging his sentence

Porcelanosa Inauguration

Photo: Carlos Alvarez

Sevilla Horse Fair
  Photo: Carlos Alvarez

Festival des Films du monde

  Photo: Phil Carpenter

Vittorio De Sica Award / Sordi

Ciné Festival (Canada)
Festival des Films du monde

Sophia Style
by Deirdre Donohue
Photo: Sam Shaw

Warsaw, Poland
Photo: Jacek Turczyk

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