Una giornata particolare

Photo: Corrado Giambalvo

Sorrisi e Canzoni TV (Italy)

Lives of the Saints
Photo: Stefano Montesi

Lives of the Saints
Photo: Stefano Montesi

Molodist Festival

La véritable Sophia Loren
by Bertrand Meyer-Stabley

MSC Lyrica

Peter and the Wolf album

Sophia Loren
by Tazio Secchiaroli
Cover: Tazio Secchiaroli

Sophia Loren box set
by Bear Family


Lives of the Saints
Canada, Italy, March - May


Between Strangers
Palm Springs Festival - January 14

Between Strangers
Hamburg (German Filmfest) September 23 (Zwischen Fremden)


Premio per gli Italiani del Mondo (Italy)
Special recognition prize (Fondazione Marzio Tremaglia Premio),
Vittoriano complex, Rome, September 3

Molodist Film Festival (Ukraine)
Diploma to Sophia for her contribution to the world cinema as well as a film tribute, Kiev, Ukraine, October 25



MSC Cruises
  MSC Lirica


MACEF Home Show - February 2
Sophia's long-awaited arrival at the MACEF Home Show in Milan provokes a riot among visitors who all want to see her. She spends one hour at the Gio stand where a new jewelry line is presented.

Monument to the lira
- March 1

Sophia and deputy prime minister Gianfranco Fini preside a lasting homage to the lira as they unveil in Rieti a bronze sculpture of a woman - 10 feet, 10 inches tall, 2,650 pounds and made from melted-down 200-lira coins.

MSC Lirica - April 12
Arriving in a vintage red Alpha Romeo, dressed in racy red, Sophia attracts a great crowd to the port of Naples.  A spectacular show is staged for the event where Sophia, as godmother, christens MSC Lirica cruise ship.

Gala des Coeurs - May 18
Sophia interrupts the shooting of Lives of the Saints in order to attend The Gala des Coeurs in Geneva's Victoria Hall where his son Carlo, Jr. conducts the National Russian Orchestra for the annual charity event. Sophia is accompanied by Carlo and her other son Edoardo. A gala dinner follows at the Beau Rivage hotel.

Una Giornata Particolare Revival - June 9
Sophia attends press conference and premiere of the restored 1977 movie Una giornata particolare at Rome's Campidoglio. She confesses that this movie is the most beautiful movie she has done. All participants reunite afterwards for a feast at the Roman restaurant Santa Lucia.

Rodeo Drive Walk of Style - September 10
Sophia is in Beverly Hills to participate to the inaugural Rodeo Drive Walk of Style event honoring designer Giorgio Armani with an award and, two days later, to give a press conference for the screening of Between Strangers at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Women's Entertainment Network - September 16
Sophia attends a special screening sponsored by Women's Entertainment network of her film Between Strangers at the Bryant Park Hotel in New York City. Sophia later goes to Hollywood, on October 3, in order to promote the same movie which premieres on WE channel on October 5.

German Filmfest - September 23
Sophia attends the German Filmfest in Hamburg where Between Strangers premieres.

Molodist Film Festival - October 25
Wearing Damiani diamonds, Sophia inaugurates the 33rd Molodist Film Festival in Kiev, dedicated to emerging directors, where she receives a diploma for her contribution to the world of cinema. A film tribute to Sophia is also presented during the Festival.

Premio per gli Italiani del Mondo - September 3
Sophia attends the the 3rd Premio per Gli Italiani del Mondo (Italians in the World Award), sponsored by the Marzio Tremaglia Foundation, in Rome and receives a special recognition prize for her contribution in the world as an Italian living outside Italy.


Gente Mese, Heim und Welt, Kino Park, Sorrisi e Canzoni TV.


The View
- September 16
Interview with Barbara Walter on ABC show. Sophia appears a tad disoriented during the interview but according to her agent she was just overwhelmed by the rapid-fire pace of the co-hosts.


Sophia Loren - April
Release of box set by Bear Family in Germany featuring songs, trailers and poster book.

La véritable Sophia
- May 8
Biography book by Bertrand Meyer-Stabley is published in France.

Sophia Loren
Tazio Secchiaroli's photo book dedicated to Sophia is published by the photographer's son in Italy and in Germany.


Peter and the Wolf - September 23
CD of Prokofiev's masterpiece and Wolf Tracks is released. The recording features Sophia, Bill Clinton and Mikhail Gorbachev as narrators; the music is performed by the Russia National Orchestra conducted by Kent Nagano. All three narrators have designated charities to receive their royalties.


Goodbye to Alberto Sordi
- February 25

Death of actor Alberto Sordi, one of the funniest and most successful postwar Italian actor, with Sophia commenting, "This death is one of the saddest things in my life." Sordi starred in Un giorno in pretura and played opposite Sophia in Due notti con Cleopatra and Il segno di Venere back in the 50's.

Family Holiday on Mediterranean Island - August 5
Sophia and her two sons fly to Ancona where they are seen at Raffaello Sanzio airport. They then take a cab to the port and disappear on a yacht bound for an unknown island in the Mediterranean.

Sophia's Love Daughter
A rumor published by several newspapers and magazines alleges a lady called Maria is the love daughter of Sophia and Marcello Mastroianni.

Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills

Photo: Paul Smith

Between Strangers
Beverly Hills

Photo: Vera Anderson

Between Strangers
New York

Photo: Sonia Moskowitz

Santa Lucia Restaurant
with Sabrina Ferilli

Photo: Edoardo Rossi

Hamburg Filmfest
Photo: Joern Pollex

Lives of the Saints
Photo: Stefano Montesi

Lives of the Saints / Ferilli
Photo: Stefano Montesi

Between Strangers
German poster

Italiani nel Mondo Award

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