Teatro delle Vittorie, Rome

Premio Barocco
Arrival at Gallipoli

Charity Soviet Style
Evening Gala

Resting at Edoardo's Home
Los Angeles
Photo: Jeff Vespa

Charity Soviet Style
Press Conference

Academy Awards
Beverly Hills
Photo: Valerie Macon


Cars 2
Sophia lends her voice to the character of Mama Topolino in the movie Cars 2, which opens in France on July 27 and across Italy on June 22.


Honorary Award by the Academy - USA
Sophia is awarded a second lifetime achievement by the Academy of
Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, in Beverly Hills, on May 4.

USC Award - USA
Sophia receives, on May 19, an award in recongnition of outstanding achievement in the performing arts present by the Town & Gown of the University of Southern California in establishing the Sophia Loren Scholardship Fund.

Diva - Omaggio a Sofia Loren - Italy
Exhibit of paintings, sculptures and photographies, from October 23 to November 19, at Palazzo Toledo, in Pozzuoli.




MSC Cruise


Armani Fashion Show
- January 24
Traditional appearance of Sophia at the Giorgio Armani Privé show as
part of the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011,
at Espace Vendôme, in Paris. She is seen in the front row, sitting between
her son Eodard and Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar.

Centocinquanta - March 16
Sophia is part of the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of Italian unity,
as godmother, during the broadcast on RAI 1, of Centocinquanta, hosted
by Pippo Baudo and Bruno Vespa, recorded the previous day at the
Teatro delle Vittorie, in Rome. A gigantic picture of Sophia, topless,
from the movie Era lui... sì ! sì !, filmed 60 years before, is shown on
the background screen during the show which makes the 76-year-old
actress blush. Sophia leaves Rome for Geneva on March 21.

Academy Awards - May 4
Sophia attends with her two sons the Academy Awards at the the
Academy's headquarters in Beverly Hills. Her career is showcased during
the Oscar night with film clips and comments from her peers. Also
present her daughters-in-law, Andrea Meszaros and Sasha Alexander.

Premio Barocco - June 6
Godmother of the annual event Premio Barocco in Gallipoli, Italy,
Sophia is also presented by Renzo Arbore the Galateo d'Oro during the celebrations of this 42nd edition. As she recalls her life, her thoughts go to Vittorio De Sica and the Oscar she won, with La Ciociara, 49 years ago. Sophia, despite the cheerful crowd, looked tired, and left immediately after accepting the award.

Cars 2 - June 15
Sophia lends her "thick Neapolitan-accent" voice to the character of
Mama Topolino in the movie Cars 2, which opens in France on July 27
 and across Italy on June 22. At the photocall which takes place at the Boscolo Exedra Hotel, on June 15, she says she accepted the role for
the sake of her grandchildren and Walt Disney himself, whom she met
  in NYC in 1966, when she was awarded the Star of the Year award by the
National Association of Theater Owners.

Charity Soviet Style - July 8-9
Sophia attends Blagovest charity concert, a questionable charity event held
in Moscow, organized by the Federation Fund, founded in 2010 by ex-rock star Vladimir Kiselyov. Many other celebrities are flown to Moscow,
including Woody Allen. Jeremy Irons, and Steven Seagal. It is said that all stars were paid and that little or no money at all was given to the hospitals. Sophia had long been associated with Moscow's Golden Heart charity,
which was more credible, before joining the others guests this year. ShSophia's agent, Carlo Giusti, was present during her trip to the Soviet Federation.


Premio Barocco
Broadcast on RAI I, featuring Sophiainterview with Fabrizio Frizzi, from Gallipoli, on June 6.

Broadcast on Rai 1, from Rome, on March 16.


More to come.

Armani Privé
Espace Vendôme, Paris

Photo: Bauer Griffin

Teatro delle Vittorie, Rome
Photo: Cosima Scavolini

Academy Awards
Beverly Hills
Photo: Valerie Macon

Studio Session
Beverly Hills
Photo: Kevin Winter

Cars 2
Rome Photo Call

Armani Privé
Espace Vendôme, Paris

Photo: Bauer Griffin

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