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The basis for the making of this unique Sophia Loren site has been research, research and research. Books, many books, magazine articles,
interviews, web sites and a lot of dedication and perspicacity. Most sources used directly or indirectly are cited in this section.

In today's world of technology Internet has been the best place to obtain material and precious information.
Most pictures actually come from auction sites like eBay, which offer hundreds of items on Sophia everyday.
Some pictures were granted permission by their authors.

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Accademia del cinema italiano, Rome, Italy
Archivio Giancolombo - Milan, Italy
Bibliothéque Centre Pompidou - Paris, France

Bibliothéque du Film - Paris, France
Bibliothéque et Archives nationales - Montréal, Canada

Burda Publishing Center - Munich, Germany
Comercial Gallo, S.A., Barcelona, Spain
Chicago Public Library - Chigago, IL, USA
Covermedia, San Pantaleo, Italy
Dallas Public Library, Dallas, TX, USA

Fondation Horst Tappe, Morges, Switzerland
Haus der Kunst München, Munich, Germany
MVP - Master Video Productions, Toronto, Canada
Société des Bains de Mer, Monaco
Télé 7 Jours - Paris, France

Toronto Public Library - Toronto, Canada

Vancouver Public Library - Vancouver, Canada
Zyloware Corporation, Long Island, NY, USA

Stefania Atzeri - Leonardo Borrero Luz - Anibal Camperi - Joaquín Cortés Cortés - James R. Dalton -
Mina Fabbri - Paolo Girolami -
Luc Juneau - Niko Karelas - Toni Ordoñez - Angelo Urbinati

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