The Man behind The Sophia Loren Archives

Welcome to all Sophia Loren fans around the world !

I am indeed a serious aficionado of Sophia Loren - and have been for years. The Archive project started in the late 1990's with the birth of eBay.
For years now I have been compiling pictures and events of all kinds keeping the tightest chronology and accuracy possible.
At this moment, my digital
collection exceeds 18,000 files including studio portraits, stills, posters and magazine covers and yet too many photographs remain undocumented.
Your help assistance in making the Archives an even more accurate site will be mostly appreciated.

Not a book, not a web site or any other publication dedicated to Sophia Loren in this world has come up with such a detailed and accurate
presentation of her life and career as The Sophia Loren Archives does.

The Sophia Loren Archives is the most complete work on the life and career of the Italian diva Sophia Loren.

Please feel free to drop me a line. I speak English - je parle français - parlo italiano - hablo español.

All the best,
Bernard Dionne, Canada

I have received no compensation for this tribute which is a non-profit web site.

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