Significant People in Sophia Loren's Life and Career

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"She is one of those marvelous natural creations you feast your eyes on". - Peter Finch

Wanda Capodaglio

Adriano Celentano

Charlie Chaplin

Bosley Crowther

Silvia Damiani

Vittorio De Sica

Hubert de Watteville

Marion Degler

Luís Miguel Dominguín

Alfred Eisenstaedt

CALLAS, Maria (New York City, 1923 - Paris, 1977)
American-born Greek soprano and perhaps the best-known opera singer of the post-World War II period. She was a woman Sophia admired and envied but in spite of their similitudes she was the model Sophia did not want to be in her love life. A film project in which Sophia was to play Callas aborted in 1983.

CAPODAGLIO, Wanda (Asti, 1890 - Castelfranco di Sopra, 1980)
Former silent-film star, directed twice by Gallone in the 1910's, she had second roles in the 1940's and 1950's as a mature woman. From 1939 to 1965, she was in charge of the acting school at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Rome which was attended by actors such as Vittorio Gassman, Gian Maria Volontè and Monica Vitti. In 1956 she becomes Sophia's coach on the Q.T. and helps her learn good manners and etiquette as well as the art of answering questions to journalist.

CARDONE, Ugo (1926-1983)
Born in Misurata Marina, Libya, Hugo Carone was Sophia's doctor in Rome and friend for many years. He was the family doctor - for Sophia, Maria and Romilda - as early as 1952. He looked after Sophia in most instances when she was hospitalized through the 1950' and 1960's. He was on hand at Maria's wedding in Predappio where he helped a pale-faced, emotionally upset Romano Mussolini by giving him a heart tonic shot. Sophia visited the Cardone family in Rome when Dr. Cardone died.

CECCHI D'AMICO, Suso (Rome, 1914 - Rome, 2010)
Prolific and talented she counts as one of Italy's most distinguished scriptwriters. She wrote
Peccato che sia una canaglia, La fortuna di essere donna, It Started in Naples and La mortadella. She is interviewed in the biography documentary Sophia Loren: Actress Italian Style. Cecchi D'Amico and Flaiano jump-started the career of Sophia Loren when they refused to sell the screenplay for Too Bad She's Bad unles Ms. Loren was cast instead of Gina Lollobrigida.

CELENTANO, Adriano (Milan, 1938 - )
One of Italy's most successful singers in his time ("Il ragazzo della via Gluck"), often called the Italian Elvis Presley or "il molleggiato" he also had an active career as an actor. He played opposite Sophia in Bianco, rosso e... and Sophia enjoyed his company on the set. "I had the impression to be opposite a too large monument for me. To have Sophia on my sides did not make me feel comfortable. I had a complex of inferiority. Then, once the initial shock was behind, I found her delicious, convivial and simple."

CHAPLIN, Charles
(London, 1889 - Vevey, Switzerland, 1977)
British director, actor and master of silent-film comedy who directed Sophia in A Countess from Hong Kong, his last film. Sophia has always had the highest admiration for the man and she describes her experience with him as one of a kind. Sophia's respect for Charlot was so great that when he handed her the script for A Countess from Hong Kong, she said, "I don't have to read the script. I make the film for you even if you just want me to read the telephone directory." (Loren)

COMENCINI, Luigi (Salo, 1916 - Rome, 2007)
Italian director, initially a film critic, who directed Sophia in one of her first true roles in the movie La tratta delle bianche. Comencini liked women and made Sophia feel beautiful during the shooting. He is also known for directing both Pane films starring Gina Lollobrigida.

CROWTHER, Bosley (Lutherville, MD, 1905 - Mount Kisko, NY, 1981)
Prolific and influential American film critic for the New York Times, especially for foreign-made releases, from the early 1940's until the late 1960's. Most of Sophia's movies were favorably reviewed in his New York Times chronicles in the 1950's and 1960's. "Miss Loren is a monument to her sex and the mere opportunity to observe her is a privilege not to be missed." (Crowther)

D'ISANTO, Rosetta (Pozzuoli, 1933 - )
Sophia's only friend from her Pozzuoli days who became a teacher. They went to the Carlo Rosini institute together and actually shared the same desk. They met during Sophia's official visit in Pozzuoli in 1985. She has appeared in documentaries and is cited in several books on Sophia.

DAMIANI, Guido, Silvia and Giorgio (Milan)
Italian jewelers family, whose company was founded in Venice in 1924. They gave one of their collection's diamonds the name Sophia Loren in 2006. "She is the icon of Italian style, elegance, and sensuality. Because she is so glamorous, she wears jewelry naturally. She's exactly the right woman for fine jewelry. (Giorgio Damiani). Sophia has worn Damiani jewels throughout the years, starting in the 1960's.

DE FILIPPO, Edoardo (Naples, 1900 - Rome, 1984)
Famous Italian actor and writer whose works have been played by Sophia many times - Ieri, oggi, domani, Matrimonio all'italiana, Questi fantasmi and Sabato, domenica e lunedi. According to Sophia, nobody has ever illustrated so well the Napolitan spirit as De Filippo did. He was the brother of the great actress Titina De Filippo.

DE LAURENTIIS, DINO (Torre Annunziata, 1919 - 2010)
Italian producer who teamed up with Carlo Ponti in 1950 to found the Ponti-De Laurentiis holding, which was the production house for many of Sophia's early films. He lauched the carreer of actress Silvana Mangano who soon became his wife. He and Ponti went their separate ways in 1957 and he set up a large production unit called Dinocittà in the outskirts of Rome. He produced over 500 movies in his lifetime.
He is interviewed in the biography documentary Sophia Loren: Actress Italian Style. He died in Los Angeles on November 10, 2010, and was buried in his native town, Torre Annunziata.

DE ROSSI, Grazia (Italy)
Italian hair stylist who created Sophia's hairdo in several movies, including The Pride and the Passion, El Cid and The Fall of the Roman Empire. She worked on many Italian productions over the years as a hairstylist for Claudia Cardinale, Elizabeth Taylor and Julie Christie in Doctor Zhivago.

DE SICA, Vittorio (Sora, 1901 - Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, 1974)
Legendary Italian director and actor and by far Sophia's master of acting. More than anyone else he knew how to bring out Sophia's talent with whom he worked as director or actor in 14 movies: L'oro di Napoli, Peccato che sia una canaglia, Il segno di Venere, La bella mugnaia, Pane, amore e..., The Millionairess, It Started in Naples, La Ciociara, Boccaccio '70, The Condemned of Altona, Ieri, oggi, domani, Matrimonio all'italiana, I girasoli and Il viaggio. He taught Sophia the craft of acting. Next to Carlo Ponti, De Sica is the man Sophia has admired the most.

DE WATTEVILLE, Hubert (Bern, 1907 - Geneva, 1984)
Swiss surgeon, known to be the best and the most expensive obstetrician specializing in problem pregnancies, who attended Sophia during the pregnancy of her two children. Sophia and Carlo were so grateful that Carlo, Jr.'s first batismal name is Hubert. He also acted as godfather of the new born in Geneva in January 1969. "When we got to know each other, he emerged as one of the most understanding, generous, caring people I have ever known." (Loren)

DEGLER, Marion (Berlin, 1929 - )
German actress and Sophia's voice in more than 30 German-dubbed movies from Africa sotto i mari up to Il viaggio. She also dubbed Gina Lollobrigida, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor in some movies. She was from 1952 up to 1956 one of the busiest German voices in movies. Also an actres, she retired from stage in 1994.

DOMINGUÍN, Luis Miguel (Madrid, 1926 - San Roque, 1996)
Born Luís Miguel Gonzalez Lucas he was a famous bullfighter in the 1940's and 1950's. Known as a socialiate with Picasso and Franco as his friends, he is said to have been romantically involved with Eva Gardner, Maria Felix, Lana Turner, Rita Hayworth, Miroslawa Stern, etc. even after he married actress Lucia Bosé in 1955. He is the father of international singer of great fame, Miguel Bosé. Sophia's involvement with Dominguin is frequent with visits at his ranch in Villa Paz in 1956 (bullfighting lessons and Miguel's baptism) and in 1961 during the shooting of Madame Sans-Gêne.

EISENSTAEDT, "Eisie" Alfred (Dirschau, W. Prussia, 1898 – Oak Bluffs, MA, 1995)
Famous photographer and friend of Sophia, he captured her beauty four times on Life magazine covers. Sophia was his favourite model and many intimate photos, especially at the Villa, are the result of his work. A picture of Sophia in a risqué outfit from Matrimonio all'italiana featured on a 1966 Life cover caused some readers to cancel their subscription. As he was celebrating his 95th birthday with a show of his works in New York City, he said, "My favorite woman to photograph? - Sophia Loren. The first time I met her was in Italy, in 1962 (sic), when she was filming Madame, and we just clicked right away."


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