Significant People in Sophia Loren's Life and Career

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"Carlo is the foundation on which everything else is built." - Sophia Loren

Jean Negulesco

Paul Newman

Peter O'Toole

Parsons, Pignatelli, Hopper

Gregory Peck

Anthony Perkins

G.B. Poletto

Carlo Ponti

Carlo Ponti, Jr.

Edoardo Ponti

Pierluigi Praturlon

NATALE, Mario (1921 - Rome, 2006)
Italian press agent and journalist hired by Ponti in 1952 - at the time Africa sotto i mari was filmed - in order to promote Sophia's exposure. He is responsible for what became the Battle of the Bosoms with Gina Lollobrigida at an Italian Film Festival in London in October 1954. He was head of the press office at the Venice Film Festival until 1969.

NEGULESCO, Jean (Craiova, Romania, 1900 - Marbella, Spain, 1993)
Romanian painter turned director and screenwriter, he directed Sophia in Boy on a Dolphin. He worked wonderfully with many actresses before and he too was infatuated by Sophia's beauty as he spent more time portraying her on canvas than on screen. Sophia keeps most of those portraits, which were exhibited at a Rome gallery at the end of 1956, in her personal collection. "She would be a hellish girl to fall in love with; there's too much of her."

NEWMAN, Paul (Shaker Heights, OH, USA, 1925 - Westport, CT, 2008)
American actor who as he was at the top of his carreer played opposite Sophia in Lady L. He was smitten by young Sophia who also happened to be at the peak of her success. In 1982 Newman founded with writer A.E. Hotchner - who wrote Sophia's biography a few years earlier - Newman's Own, a line of food product whose proceeds all go to charity organizations.

NIVEN, David (London, 1910 - Château d'Oex, Switz., 1983)
British actor who portrays Sophia's impotent husband, Lord Lendale, in Lady L. In 1965, he was at the top of his career after his roles in Around the World in 80 Days, Separate Tables and The Pink Panther. "It would have been easy to fall in love with her (Sophia)... She's an earthy bird with a beautiful bosom. But off the screen her husband Carlo Ponti (or an entourage) is always around her." Sophia liked him very much.

O'TOOLE, Peter (Connemara, Ireland, 1932 - London, 2013 )
Irish actor and leading man of prodigious talent, he played opposite Sophia in Man of La Mancha. Although they did not get to spend much time together, he remains one of Sophia's favorite leading men she has ever worked with. If he did not fall for Sophia during the making of the movie he surely had an enormous sexual attraction. "No crap, no artifice - just an extraordinary, sexually attractive lady.

PARSONS, Louella (Freeport, IL, 1881 – Santa Monica, CA, 1972)
American puritanical gossip columnist and one of the most powerful voices in the movie business with her Los Angeles Examiner column which was published in more than 600 newspapers worldwide. She and Hedda Hopper were present at the Romanoff's party in April 1957. A few months later, she announced the world about Sophia and Carlo getting married. "Here is a surprise. Sophia Loren has been married to Carlo Ponti since September 17. She and Ponti were married in Juarez, Mexico, in a proxy ceremony by Judge de la Fuente. This is her first marriage and she has been in love with him for years. It is his second marriage."

PECK, Gregory (La Jolla, CA, 1916 - Los Angeles, CA, 2003)
American Actor who played opposite Sophia in Arabesque. Sophia presented him with an Oscar in 1963 for his performance in To Kill a Mockingbird. Elegant, handsome and friendly are the words Sophia uses to describe Peck who also was a great actor. Fellini also had a project for them but it never materialized. While shooting Arabesque Sophia said, "I like working with Gregory Peck. He's a real man. And you know something - there are not many real men among the leading men today."

PERKINS, Anthony (New York City, 1932 - Hollywood, CA, 1992)
American actor known for his role as a psychopathic motel-keeper in Hitchcock's Psycho in 1960. He played with Sophia in Desire under the Elms and Five Miles to Midnight. Much was expected from their second teaming but chemistry between the two never worked out. "Bill Holden is the kind of man women would want to marry who wish serenity and rest, but for women who want adventure, caprlclousness and intellect I would advise Tony Perkins, who looks like the best in his class at school but registers unrest."

PITANGUY, Ivo (Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 1926 - )
Famous plastic surgeon based in Rio de Janeiro who studied in France, England and the United States. Many sources, including the surgeon himself, allege Dr. Pitanguy did plasctic surgery on Sophia, including her nose, which he considers one of his best creations. He would have performed surgery on hundreds of celebrities over the years.

POLETTO, G.B. (Gian Battista) (Rome, 1915 - Rome, 1988)
Famous Italian photographer who by 1949 had his own photo agency and managed to become Titanus studios' official photographer from 1950 until 1963. Sophia worked him with on the set of several films, including Africa sotto i mari, È arrivato l'accordatore, La domenica della buona gente, Il segno di Venere, La bella mugnaia, Pane, amore e..., A Breath of Scandal and El Cid. Part of his photo agency dependants was Pierlui Pratulon, Sophia's personal photographer from 1957 until 1963. He suffered slight wounds by a riffle fired by Sophia on the first day of shooting A Breath of Scandal at Rome's Titanus studios.  

PONTI, Carlo (Magenta, 1910 - Geneva, 2007)
A lawyer, Ponti entered cinema in the early 1940's, working for Lux. In 1950 he left Lux to found Ponti-De Laurentiis with Dino De Laurentiis, setting in motion an industry combine characterized by high investment and cultural profile. After breaking with De Laurentiis, Ponti migrated to the US with Sophia. He then founded his own production company called Champion. He met Sophia in Rome in 1951 as he invited her to participate in a Beauty Contest. He produced most of Sophia's films and married her twice, in 1957 and in 1966. He is the father of both Sophia's sons, Carlo, Jr. and Edoardo. For dear Sophia would call him Polpettone (meat ball), Peperone (pepper) and Supplì (stuffed risotto ball). He passed away in January 2007. "Sophia gave me two wonderful sons, she is the woman of my life, a woman who is shy, friendly and full of courage. Sophia is not an actress, she's an artist." (Ponti)

PONTI, Carlo, Jr. (Geneva, 1966 - )
Sophia and Carlo's eldest son; orchestra conductor, reknown pianist, he studied at Pepperdine's Seaver College as well as at UCLA in Los Angeles where he obtained a Master's degree in music. He appeared in Sunflower when he was still a baby and, as a birthday gift, in The Cassandra Croosing. He married violinist Andrea Meszaros in Budapest, Hungary in September 2004, after dating in the 1990's Odile Rodriguez de la Fuente. Appointed Associate Conductor of the Russian National Orchestra in 2000, he has been the conductor of the San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra since 2001. Following his critically acclaimed Italian debut with the Orchestra del Maggio Fiorentino, Ponti was awarded Italy's prestigious Premio Galileo Award for exceptional musical achievement. He has one son, named Vittorio, born in April 2007 and he lives with his family in Encino, CA. His debut album with the Russian Nation Orchestra was released in December 2008. Website: www.carloponti.com.

PONTI, Edoardo (Geneva, 1973 - )
Second child of Sophia and Carlo who now is a filmmarker and a screenwriter. He directed Sophia in Between Strangers and also co-starred in Aurora as Sophia's blind child. Edoardo - who is commonly called Dodò withhin the family - graduated in 1994 with a major in cinema at the University of Southern Californiain. He married actress Sasha Alexander in July 2007 after the birth of their daughter, Lucia Sofia, Sophia's first grandchild, born in May 2006. His villa in California went on sale in 2010. Edoardo started directing her mother again, for the short film The Human Voice in the summer of 2013

POWER, Tyrone (Cincinnati, 1914 - Madrid, 1958)
One of the great romantic swashbuckling stars of the mid-twentieth century, he was Sophia's first infatuation with cinema. She still remembers the movie Blood and Sand she saw many times when it was released in Pozzuoli. "Tyrone Power was my ideal man." (Loren)

PRATURLON, Pierluigi (Pordedone, 1924 - Rome, 1999)
Sophia’s personal photographer in the late 1950's and early 1960’s who had his studio on Lungotevere del Mellini. A cultured man who spoke five languages, he is the author of sequences that became the symbols of Italian cinematography such as Sophia in La Ciocciara. He was replaced by Mastroianni's photographer Tazio Secchiaroli in 1964 after the shooting of Matrimonio all'italiana. Referred to as "the Prince" of Italian photographers as he was in the 60's the master of still photography in most Italian productions or "Lux" because he was like the soap which, according to an advertising slogan then, was the choice of nine stars out of ten.


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