I have been thinking about publishing a book and organizing a photography exhibition for years. Collections of rare or never-seen pictures
featuring Sophia abound throughout the world. My dream is to have those pictures shown in various international Loren tribute exhibits
in six countries with the publication of 6 books, one for each country.
Sophia Loren is a living legend and the world deserves to see the photographic treasures of her caught in the camera eye for the past 58 years.


Exhibits and book releases would take place over a one-year period.
Countries selected are Italy (Rome and Milan), Spain (Madrid), France (Paris), Germany (Munich), England (London), USA (New York and Hollywood).


A book and an exhibit for each country where Sophia spent a lot of time during her career will be presented.
Each venue will feature photographs taken from studio sets, award ceremonies, premieres, social events, studio sessions pertaining to a specific country.
For instance, the French exhibit would have pictures from Five Miles to Midnight, Lady L, Verdict and Soleil, the Cannes Festival and the French Riviera,
social events and candids from the years Sophia lived in Paris, fashion spotlight on Maison Dior, etc.
These pictures will not appear in other countries' exhibitions or books.

Contributors with excellent writing skills and a good knowledge of Sophia's role and activites for a specifc country are required to document pictures and events.
Each book will have a text written by a knowlegeable fan, with a foreword by a known author, journalist or photographer of the same country.
All books should be written in each country's original language accompanied with English translation. The German edition would also feature a section on Bürgenstock.

This project cannot exist without the participation of sponsors, donators and patrons of the arts.
Everybody's help and connections are needed to approach selected companies, groups, museums, photographers, magazines, government bodies and patrons of the arts
in order to get the funds and low-cost pictures required for both the exhibit and the publication of a photography book.
I will personally be investing a lot of time doing the same but it is just not something I can do all by myself.
If well organized - and this is the only option  - this tribute will not only be the best event to feature Sophia Loren  but also an excellent platform for worldwide publicity.


Please contact me if you think you can help or have any original ideas.
You can write in English, French, Spanish or Italian since I am fluent in all those four languages.

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