Ci troviamo in galleria

by Mauro Bolognini


Italy - November 6, 1953 - Ci troviamo in galleria - 99'
West Germany - 1955
- Treffpunkt Galerie -
France (Paris) - 1955 - Une fille formidable -
Belgium - Een formidabel meisje -
USA - We'll Meet in the Gallery -

Italian poster Belgian poster Italian poster Italian poster


Gardenio, an old variety show performer who has never known success, ekes out a living doing third-rate tours in the provinces. During a show met with hisses and whistles of disapproval, the spectators demand that Caterina, the bar’s lovely cashier, be allowed to sing. The show is a success and the young woman becomes part of Gardenio’s small company. A famous impresario notices Caterina and offers her a fabulous contract, which she demands for Gardenio as well. Despite the difference in their ages, the two performers get married. But their paths soon diverge: while the girl goes on to success, old Gardenio prefers to give up working in television and goes back to performing variety shows in provincial towns. It is only thanks to Caterina’s help that Gardenio is able to put together a great show in Rome and at last find the success he has always dreamed about with him. (Enrico Lancia)
Story by Fede Arnaud and Alberto Liberati.


Cinecittà, Rome (Italy)

Filming dates: 1953


Carlo Dapporto
(Ignazio Panizza, stage name ‘Gardenio’
Nilla Pizzi
Sophia Loren
Fiorenzo Fiorentini


Photography (Ferraniacolor):

Marco Scarpelli
Costume design:
Maria Baroni
Carlo Rustichelli
Makeup Artist:
Romolo de Martino
Hair Stylist:
Renata Longari
Ermanno Donati and Luigi Carpentieri for Athena Cinematografica / ENIC 


Sophia’s role was originally intended for Marisa Merlini who turned it down because she felt the role did not suit her.

Sophia Loren has for the first her role modified. Originally in this film devoted to the world of the song, she was supposed to be booed by the public when she was entering the stage. She protests: in real life, not a single person in the audience would whistle to a girl who, like her, arrives, dressed in a simple swimsuit that hides nothing of its forms.
Bernard Degioanni, Sophia Loren.

With Ci troviamo in galleria Mauro Bolognini directs his first full-length movie. He will say about Sophia: "I went to watch a scene with a dance that she was performing, and you could see that there was an actress in her, and how !"

Songs performed by Nilla Pizzi: Quanno staje cu mme, Ho gli occhi tuoi, Duska, O ciucciariello, Gigolette, Grazie dei fior, Cherie, Quizas quizas quizas, Nannì (Una gita a li castelli).


"The beginning of Sophia's romance with Italian singer Achille Togliani dates back to the period of Ci troviamo in galleria. They had met on the set of the fotoromanzo Principessa in esilio and had not seen each other again for two years. (...) Their romance coincides with a cooling of the relationship between Sophia and Ponti, at a time when the actress must have lost faith in him. Besides, Togliani was one of the most popular 'heart throbs' of the moment."
Stefano Masi, Sophia.

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