La domenica della buona gente

by Anton Giuliano Majano


Italy - November 25, 1953 - La domenica della buna gente - 95'
  West Germany - November 26, 1961 - Sonntag in Rom -
Spain (Madrid, Carlos III & Roxy) - April 23, 1956 Sucedió en Roma - 92'
  USA - Good Folks' Sunday

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Many destinies meet at a soccer game between the teams of Rome and Naples. An ex-soccer player sees his plan to become a trainer dashed and is only barely able to save his marriage. A poor pensioner draws a winning thirteen at Totocalcio, the soccer pool, but then sees the result changed to a twelve. Maria looks for a job for her fiancé Giulio, who is determined to end the engagement. At the stadium Giulio meets a young widow, who has come from Salemo in search of the lover whose child she is carrying. She is determined to kill him, but Giulio stops her from committing the murder. (Enrico Lancia)
Story from the radio drama of the same name by Vasco Pratolini and Gian Domenico Giagni.


Rome (Italy)
Titanus Studios, Rome (Italy 

Filming dates: 1953


Maria Fiore (Sandra)
Sophia Loren (Ines)
Renato Salvatori (Giulio)
Memmo Carotenuto (Amleto)


Adalberto Albertini

Makeup Artist:
Mario Van Riel
Nino Rota
Sophia's voice is dubbed by:
Adriana de Roberto (Italian)
Giovanni Addessi for Trinfalcine (Rome)


According to actor Fiorenzo Fiorentini, Maria Fiore was afraid of the competition posed by the young actress Sophia Loren, who played a role that was opposite but equivalent to hers. She asked that "Sophia's breasts not be too openly displayed", and the producers granted her request. Bernard Degioanni, Sophia Loren.

Romilda, Sophia's mother, is on the set and coaches her the best way she can 

After having been named Esther Williams' successor, Sophia now found herself compared to Ava Gardner. Sophia was a monument to feminine beauty: having lost a few pounds, her figure now slimmer, her image was almost perfect. She dreamed about making a great film, but for the time being had to be satisfied with minor productions like Good Folk's Sunday. Stefano Masi, Sophia.

In 1953 alone, Sophia appears in ten films which half is produced by Carlo Ponti and Dino De Laurentiis.  Sophia is then officially under contract with Ponti and plays the roles he offers her.


The film does have some good scenes (...); the actors perform earnestly. Sophia Loren, on the other hand, is lifeless.

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