Il paese dei campanelli

by Jean Boyer


Italy - January 28, 1954 - Il paese dei campanelli - 87'
France (Cannes) - May 1, 1957 - Ces voyous d'hommes - 82'
Belgium - 1957 - La foire des cocus / Het eiland der Hoorndragers - 82'

Italian poster French poster Belgian poster


A castaway, passing himself off as a magician, has succeeded in convincing the inhabitants of a small island village that all the bells on the doors of the dwellings will ring as soon as an adultery is committed. One day a ship arrives carrying young cadets and officers accompanied by their wives. Having discovered the presence of ( beautiful young women on the island, the officers lead their wives to believe that the island is inhabited by cruel savages, so that they may disembark and enjoy themselves with the island women while their wives stay on board ship. But the deception is discovered and everything ends up in a free-for-all. Peace returns to the village as the ship departs. (Enrico Lancia)
Story from the operatta of the same name by Carlo Lombardo and Virgilio Ranzato


Cinecittà, Rome (Italy

Filming dates: 1953


Sophia Loren (Bonbon)
Alda Mancini (Tenerina)
Carlo Dapporto (lieutenant La Gaffe)
Achille Togliani (René)
Jacques brothers (Carciofo, Fiordaliso, Giacinto, Tulipano)


Photography (Ferraniacolor):
Luciano Trasatti
Costume design:
Mario Rappini
Virgilio Ranzato, orchestrated by Federico Carducci and Felice Montagnini
"Tutta musica" performed by Achille Togliani
"Sui tetti" and "Il valzer del boschetto" permormed by the Frères Jacques
Dino Cavallo Solari
Luigi De Laurentiis and Giuseppe Barbaro for Valentia Films


Achille Togliani confessed that his love relationship with Sophia ended on the set of the film.

The Catholic Cinema Center (Centro cinematografico cattolico) noted Loren's "excessively low necklines" and advised against seeing the movie, a true display for Sophia's charms. (Masi)


"Sophia, joyful and delicious as never before, is the only thing that comes out of Il paese dei campanelli."
Stefano Masi, Sophia Loren

"Not even Sophia Loren's curves and the exceptional number of comedians are enough to create a film that is any better than the mediocre film-variety shows typical of current Italian cinema comedy. (...) Jean Boyer's direction not very productive with respect to Loren's performance."
Il giornale d'Italia, 1 sep 1954

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