Pellegrini d'amore
by Andrea Forzano


Italy - October 11, 1954 - Pellegrini d'amore - 97'
West Germany (TV) 1960- Für Männer getährlich -
Spain - 1955 - Embajadora del amor -
USA - Pilgrim of Love -

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A middle-aged countess who lives by her own devices finds a way of cheating two ex-officers, an American and a German, who have returned to Italy after the war. Having come for a conference, the two locate the villa which had been the headquarters first of the German command, then of the Americans, and which the countess now rents. In one of the rooms of the villa hangs the portrait of a beautiful woman who had once impressed the two foreigners. The countess introduces the men to an unemployed dancer who bears an extraordinary resemblance to the portrait, pretending she is her niece. Naturally, both men fall madly in love with the girl. Trying to outdo one another in turn, the two men end up by beating each other senseless, each thinking he has killed his rival. It is the countess who reunites them after having squeezed a little money out of them in exchange for her silence and help in obtaining illegal emigration. (Enrico Lancia)
Story and sreenplay by Andrea Forzano.


Livorno, Viareggio (Italy)
Pisorno Film Studio, Tirrenia (Italy 
Filming dates: 1953


Sophia Loren (Beppina Delli Colli/Giulietta)
Alda Mangini (Madam Dalia)
Enrico Viarisio (Constantin)
Charles Rutherford (Bill Miller)
Vich Dane (Sigmund Von Falkenjoissen)



Aldo Giordani


Cesare Sonzogno

Set design and costume design:

Arturo Tosi

Makeup Artist:

Piero Meccaci
Production manager:

Tullio Aliandri

Società Cinematografica Immobiliare Pisorno



Sophia amuses herself singing and speaking in French although her own voice, in Italian, is dubbed. 

Sophia stays at the Fiore boarding house, in Tirrenia, during the shooting of the movie.

Among location scenes in Viareggio are the Principe di Piemonte hotel, Darsena and the Passeggiata.

The film is released one year after is it completed and is harly noticed in Italy.


Loren has made many bad films but perhaps never has bad as this one.
Il Morandini.

“Sophia Loren displays curves and murderous looks, but the cinema is something more as well.”

Festival, 19 feb 1955

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