Il segno di Venere
by Dino Risi


Italy - March 12, 1955 - Il segno di Venere - 101'
East Germany - October 17, 1958 - Im Zeichen der Venus - 95'
France (Paris) - August 13, 1956 - Le signe de Vénus - 110'
Spain (Madrid, Cine Avenida) - February 6, 1956 - El signo de Venus - 100'
West Germany - November 3, 1961 - Im Zeichen der Venus - 95'

German poster French poster Spanish poster Italian poster


Cesira, a rather homely Milanese girl, lives in Rome with her aunt and uncle and cousin Agnese, a beautiful young giri who attracts men’s glances. Still, Cesira does not despair of finding the man of her life, since a fortune-teller has told her that she is under the ‘sign of Venus’ and that, therefore, some man may become interested in her. In fact, she spends time with Romolo, a swindler and slacker, with Alessio, an older poet who is a failure, and with Ignazio, an attractive fireman who, having met her beautiful cousin Agnese by chance, is immediately attracted to her. But each of these men proves to be a great disappointment to Cesira: Romolo is arrested for theft, Ignazio falls in love with Agnese and asks her to marry him, and Alessio contrives a relationship wìth the fortune-teller, who is ready to welcome him into her home. There is nothing the disappointed Cesira can do but take up once again her solìtary existence with bittemess and continue to hope. (Enrico Lancia)
Story by Edoardo Anton, Luigi Comencini and Franca Valeri


Viale Libia (Trieste district), Rome (Italy)
Titanus Studios, Rome (Italy)

Filming date: November 1954 - February 1955


Sophia Loren (Agnese)
Franca Valeri (Cesira)
Vittorio De Sica (Alessio Spano)
Raf Vallone (lgnazio Bologninl)
Peppino De Filippo (Mario)
Alberto Sordi (Romolo Proietti)

Carlo Montuori
Renzo Rossellini
Costume design:
Fabrizio Carafa
Makeup Artist:
Goffredo Rocchetti
Hair Stylist:
Maria Angelini
Still photographer:
G.B. Poletto
Titanus (Rome)


The film is presented at the Cannes Film Festival along with L'oro di Napoli.

Sophia's voice is dubbed by Elfie Garden (German).

Alternate Italian title is Il dottore Proietti col complesso della carrozzeria.


"Sophia Loren supplements the promise established by her Woman of the River. She may well do great things if she doesn't not see too many Susan Hayward films in the meantime."
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