The Millionairess
by Anthony Asquith


UK - October 18, 1960 - The Millionairess - 86'
France (Paris) - December 7, 1960 - Les dessous de la millionaire
West Germany - December 22, 1960 - Die Millionärin
USA (New York City, Paramount) - February 9, 1961 - The Millionairess - 86'
Italy - March 1961 - La miliardaria
Spain - 1961 - La millonaria - 85' (attendance: 106,301)

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Epifania Parerga inherited a fabulous fortune from her father along with a wise piece of advice: don’t ever marry a man who does not know how to increase the sum of 150 pounds sterling a hundredfold in three months. An early matrimonial experience, which took place without this ‘financial experiment’, ended unhappily, and Epifania, after other unfortunate romances, decides to throw herself in the Thames. The sudden contact with the cold waters of the river quickly brings her back to reason. She calls for help and Kabir, a humane, altruistic Indian doctor, who practices in the poorest sections of London, hastens to her rescue. Epifania falls in love with him, but Kabir is not the type to succumb to such temptations. He too has faced life with the benefit of a wise piece of maternal advice: don’t ever marry a woman who does not know how to live for three months on 35 shillings. The two come to an agreement: Epifania will try the test of the 35 shillings and Kabir that of the 150 pounds. But whereas the girl passes the test in full, the doctor not only is unable to increase his sum, but will soon remain penniless as a result of his generosity. Nonetheless, this does not change the fact that Epifania and Kabir are made for each other. Therefore they decide to marry despite the advice they inherited, since they are bound together by true love. (Enrico Lancia)
Story: play of the same name by George Bernard Shaw.


London (UK)
Elstree Studios, Borehamwood (UK)
May through July


Sophia Loren (Epifania Parerga)
Peter Sellers (Doctor Kabir)
Alastair Sim (attorney Giulio Saga)
Vittorio De Sica (Joe)
Dennis Price (Adriano Bland)
Gary Raymond (Alastair)



Jack Hildyard (CinemaScope, Eastmancolor)
Georges Van Parys
Costume design:
Pierre Balmain
Make-up Artist:
Dave Aylott
Sarah Beber

Sophia's English coach:
Helen Goss
Still photographer:
Pierluigi Praturlon
Pierre Rouve for Dimitri De Grunwald Productions  / 20th Century Fox


While Sophia is filming The Millionairess, thieves break into the small villa in which she is lodging, the Norwegian Barn in Elstree, carrying off a little black suitcase containing jewels valued at $1 million - all uninsured.

Tagline: The Racy Revelations of the Richest Girl in the World...And Her Wild, Wonderful Ways!

Publicity claims Sophia's wardrobe, designed by Pierre Balmain, the chicest and priciest of all the French couturiers, cost $75,000.

Sophia's cachet for the movie is $200,000.


"With the casual air of a showgirl who has no idea what the show is all about - knows only that she's supposed to model those costumes and generate a miasma of sex appeal - Miss Loren swivels and postures through virtually every scene she plays as a fabulously wealthy Italian heiress who tries to buy herself a Hindu husband finds she can't.
Bosley Crowther, New York Times, 10 feb 1961

Loren, the film's only real reason for being, attacks her character with great determination: she is aggressive an swift as the part required, but here and there she appears mawkish, where she should have been subtle."
Morandini, La Notte, 9 mar 1961

Voluptuous, striking Sophia Loren co-starring with Peter Sellers as the powerful millionairess who captures the heart of an Indian doctor dedicated to high principles and caring for the poor, once again demonstrates that she is all woman and a fine actress in "The
The Capital (Indianapolis), 25 mar 1961

"As the love-seeking heiress, Loren displays her impressive figure and gives an unusually good performance."
TV Guide

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