The World of Sophia Loren
by Michael Pfleghar

USA: NBC, February 27, 1962. Color. 52 min.


Dialogues: Sller – Photography: er – Costumes: Guy Laroche Still Photographer: Pierluigi Praturlon –
Robert Emmett Dolan
Production: Donald Hyatt for NBC.


Sophia Loren, Anthony Perkins, Anatole Litvak, Vittorio De Sica, Carlo Ponti, Art Buchwald, Jeanette Spanier.


Paris, France
Franstudio, Saint-Maurice
Apartment on Piazza Campidoglio
Villa Marino
footage (Naples, Pozzuoli, Rome and movie excerpts)

Filming dates: December 29, 1961- February 1962


The one-hour broadcast is part of a series called The World of... which has featured Bob Hope,
evangelist Billy Graham, AF general James Doolittle.

Not surprisingly, Joe Levine's publicity machine got into the act and persuaded NBC to schedule the telecast
for the day that the Academy Award nominees were announced. If Sophia happened to be one of them,
the TV exposure should have a positive impact on the Oscar voters who might be watching. (Harris)

Sophia and Carlo agree to an interview in their apartment overlooking piazza Campidoglio, provided there is
no discussion of the bigamy scandal.



"The narration, read by Alexander Scourby, suggested that some critics believed a good many of Miss Loren's films were a greater tribute to nature than to art, but even on this score N.B.C. hardly gave much reason for a coast-to-coast ooh and ah."
John P. Stanley, New York Times, 27 feb 1962

"Producer Donald Hyatt chose to focus on Sophia because she seemed to symbolize the new international aristocracy of the movie industry... The whole thing turned out to be more of a valentine than a documentary."
Warren G. Harris, Sophia Loren.

"Every once in a while I've seen on her face - a little resentment of this or this actor, which is common to anybody
and only human. And she's just as much ot a human being as anybody else... The most important thing for me, she adores
her work, and she really works like a dog."
Anatole Litvak

"Certainly a very shrewd girl who knows what she wants and is going to get it, is getting it, and has got it. She works
at it noon, morning and night. 1 have the feeling that in every show, in every interview, she's a very, very clever girl... A little bit arrogant. We must face the fact that she has arrogance... But, oh, boy, the control of that dame! that really is something."
Jeanette Spanier

"All Cinderella ever got was to marry the Prince. She never got to be a movie star... Suddenly to step off the plane in
Hollywood, the new foreign film star of the decade, this is a very tough thing to live up to. It's not surprising that
she would
be a little bit wary about everything she was going to do there. And she confided to me later that she was,
you know, literally
Anthony Perkins

"She's vain, she's jealous, she's egoist. But she is so natural. 1 like very much the character of Sophia because she is sincere."
Vittorio De Sica

"She is torn by doubts, hesitations . . . I think that she keeps her angriness always inside her."
Basilio Franchina

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