Sophia Loren in Rome
by Sheldon Reynolds

USA: ABC, November 12, 1964. Color. 52 min.


Dialogues: Basilio Franchina, Sheldon Reynolds – Narration: Sophia Loren - Photography: Roberto Girardi - Costumes: Marc Bohan of Christian Dior - Still Photographer: Tazio Secchiaroli - Music Composer: John Barry - Producers: Philip D'Antoni and Norman Baer.


Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni.


1. Secrets of Rome - 2. Ballet - 3. Sophia (small orchestra) - 4. Marcello - 5. Secrets of Rome (small orchestra) - 6. Arm in Arm - 7. Secrets of Rome - (sung by Sophia Loren) - 8. Sophia - 9. Arm in Arm (small orchestra) -
10. Agressors - 11. Marcello - 12. Secrets of Rome (waltz)


Sophia's apartment on Piazza Campidoglio
Marcello Mastroianni's house on via Appia
Roman ruins (Forum, Colisseum, Trojan's Column, Arch of Constantine)
Trevi Fountain

Filming dates: June 24 - July 1964


After the success of the 1963 ABC TV documentary Elizabeth Taylor in London, producers Philip D'Antoni and Norman Baer decided to repeat the formula with Italian actress Sophia Loren. The result was Sophia Loren in Rome, a television special where Loren gives the viewer a guided tour of Rome taking in such locales as the Trevi fountain, the Colosseum, the narrow streets of the city and the surrounding countryside where she is accompanied by fellow Italian film star Marcello Mastroianni. For the Sophia Loren in Rome soundtrack, John Barry was once again asked to compose the score, but Loren was somewhat dubious about having an Englishman capture the true essense of her beloved Rome. After spending several days in the Italian capital, Barry returned to London and composed and recorded one track - The Secrets of Rome. The track was then played to Loren without actually telling her who had written the music. Needless to say, she loved it, adding that "he must have Italian blood in him".
Movie Grooves

Sophia receives $100,000 for her participation in the documentary.


"The stunning actress was a charming and vivacious guide in an excellent documentary on the many moods and faces of the Italian capital. Rarely have glamour and reporting been so felicitously blended, although the show really had to be seen in color to be fully appreciated."
Jack Gould, New York Times, 13 nov 1964

"And to present Miss Loren in anything but color should be clearly unconstitutional."
Jack Gould, New York Times, 29 nov 1964

"In Sophia Loren in Rome, the captivating star wears four different couture outfits from Marc Bohan's autumn Dior collection. She graduates from fantasy figure-even from internationally acclaimed actor-to chic, worldly Italian hostess, armed with fresh and personable commentary about the ancient city-her Rome. Loren engages the viewer directly, making eye contact with the camera; the effect is almost Brechtian after her films. Her attire is sleek, modern, somewhat unconstructed, and in neutral tones, while her hair is styled in the same minimalist black bob she wears in Five Miles to Midnight (1961)."
Deirdre Donohue, Sophia Style.

"Don't give us any credit for this show. If it's a success it's all due to that dame Sophia. She is marvelous."
Philip D'Antoni

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