Questi fantasmi
by Renato Castellani


Italy - December 23, 1967- Questi fantasmi - 105'
West Germany - November 29, 1968 - Die Über-Sinnelich - 104'
USA (New York, New Amsterdam Theater) - January 22, 1969 - Ghosts, Italian Style - 92'
Canada (Montreal, Van Horne) - April 1969 - Ghosts, Italian Style - 92'
France (Paris) - January 21, 1970 - Fantômes à l'italienne - 104'
Spain - La guapa y su fantasma - 99' (attendance: 973,758)

German poster Italian poster American poster Spanish poster


Pasquale Lojacono is a poor soul dogged by misfortune, in addition to being incapable of any kind of work. The owner of a seventeenth century building gives him an apartment free of charge 50 that he may disprove the story that the place is inhabited by ghosts. Pasquale moves there with his wife Maria, who has a lover who, to enable her to live comfortably, often sends her food and money. Pasquale is convinced, or perhaps he convinces himself, that it is a ghost who brings these gifts, but Maria, resentful of her husband’s behavior, decides to go away with her lover. When he realizes his mistake, Pasquale pretends to kill his wife to save face and serves the sentence imposed on him for so-called ‘reasons of honor’. Maria, convinced of her husband’s good faith, waits for him until he is released from prison. The two leave together for Scotland where Pasquale finds a job as a waiter in a castle where there are real ghosts. (Enrico Lancia)
Story: from the play of the same name by Eduardo De Filippo


Naples (Italy)
London (UK)
Cinecittà, Rome (Italy)

Filming dates: May through June
Shooting, in Italian and English, begins at Cinecittà then moves to Naples.


Sophia Loren (Maria Lojacono)
Vittorio Gassman (Pasquale Lojacono)
Mario Adorf (Alfredo)
Aldo Giuffrè (Raffaele)
 Marcello Mastroianni (the ghost)


Photography (Technicolor):
Tonino Delli Colli
Costumes (Sophia Loren) :
Piero Tosi
Makeup Artist (Sophia Loren) :
Giuseppe Annunziata
Hairstylist (Sophia Loren) :
Ada Palombi
Luis Enrique Bacalov
Still photographers:
Tazio Secchiaroli, Angelo Frontoni
Carlo Ponti for c.c. Champion (Rome) / Les Films Concordia (Paris)


The movie is simultaneously filmed in Italian and in English, but only for the three main characters.

It is the first time Sophia plays with Gassman since 1951's Anna in which she was an extra while he was a rising star in Italy. This time Sophia gets top billing.

As a favor to Sophia and Ponti, Marcello Mastroianni agreed to make a brief cameo appearance as the ghost in the final scene.

Many street scenes have to be filmed several times because Neapolitans are surrounding Sophia whereever she is.

Sophia's last film before the birth of first child, Carlo, Jr.

Sophia's voice is dubbed by Elsa Fábregas (Spanish) and Marion Degler (German).


"This time, more than in any other movies, it was glisteningly ture. Whether on-screen, stunningly shot by Giuseppe De Santis, or in the Tazio Secciaroli (sic) stills, the impeccably buoyant Loren features had, indeed, never been more radiant."
Tony Crawley, The Films of Sophia Loren.

"Sophia Loren, back in her imperious native cadences, sparkles in the rags of a disturbing Cinderella."
Onorario Orsini, La Notte. 20 oct 1967

"Sophia Loren (...) escapes a number of traps thanks to an authentic vitality that allows her to find the right tones
even in wrong situations."
Guglielmo Biraghi, Il Messaggero, 24 dec 1967

"Miss Loren plays, scene by scene, ably but not differently, too often as if she were taking it all seriously
while Gassman reaches for farce..."
Johyn Mahoney, The Hollywood Reporter

"This exactly the film I had to make at this time. Ponti kept on telling and he was right. I was hoping to laugh madly during all the filming.
Sophia Loren

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