by André Cayatte


France (Paris) - September 11, 1974 - Verdict / Le testament - 95'
West Germany - October 25,  1974 - Das Urteil - 98'
Italy - November 21, 1974 - L'accusa è: violenza carnale e omicidio - 95'
USA (NBC network) - December 1975 - The Verdict / Jury of One -
Spain (Madrid) - October 23, 1975 - El veredicto - 92' (attendance: 618,608)

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Teresa Leoni, the widow of a jailbird, goes to see judge Leguen, a man of integrity, to ask for mercy for her son André, accused of camal violence and the murder of a young woman. But Judge Leguen refuses to see the woman. In desperation, she takes his wife as a hostage: a life for a life. The blackmail has its effect on Leguen who changes his attitude and influences the jurors to the point of obtaining from them a verdict of complete acquittal for André. But the judge’s wife, who suffers from diabetes, refuses the prescribed medicines and dies. With the poor woman’s death on her conscience, Teresa, though aware of her son’s acquittal, drives her car into a wall. (Enrico Lancia)
Story: André Cayatte, Henri Coupon.


Lyon (France)
Studios de Boulogne-Billancourt (France)

February through April 1974


Jean Gabin (presiding judge Leguen)
Sophia Loren (Teresa Leoni)
Michel Albertini (her son André)
Henri Garcin (judge Lannelongue)
Julien Bertheau (attorney general Verlac)


Photography (Eastmancolor):
Jean Badal
Sophia's costumes:
Marc Bohan for Christian Dior
Jean Barthet
Hair stylist:
Amélie Paoletti

Still photographer:
Roger Corbeau
Carlo Ponti for c.c. Champion (Rome)
Les Films Concordia (Paris


Second movie in Sophia's career to be shot in French after Madame Sans-Gêne in 1961.

Sophia's voice is dubbed by Marion Degler (German).

The films has some success in France and Italy but is hardly noticed in the USA where it is retitled Jury of One.

Gabin`s second last film before he passes away in 1976.


"It's a shame that two fine actors like Sophia Loren and Jean Gabin are involved in this watery plot, which transforms them into
amusement park lions."

Pietro Bianchi,
Il Giorno, 23 nov 1974

"With little grace Sophia Loren has precedence over Jean Gabin in the cast, but both perform as though they were elsewhere: she thinking of her villa in Geneva, he of the cows, the world's distastefulness, his imminent retirement, too often postponed."
Ugo Casiraghi, L'Unità, 22 nov 1974

"She is charming. It's the first time we play together. I am discovering her.  She does not act like a "star"; she is a remarkable professional and working with her his a real pleasure. She's always on time and knows her lines which is not my case since I never learn."
Jean Gabin

"Notons enfin le prestige exceptionnel des interprètes. Sophia Loren tient avec beaucoup de dignité le rôle d'une mère tigresse prête à tout (chantage compris) pour sauver son fils.
Louis Chauvet, Le Figaro, 13 sep 1974

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