Il viaggio
by Vittorio De Sica


Italy - March 11, 1974 - Il viaggio - 100'
France (Paris) - November 13, 1974 - Le voyage - 102'
West Germany - October 31, 1974 - Die Reise nach Palermo - 101'
USA (New York, Thalia Theater) - November 30, 1978 - The Voyage - 102'
Spain -  1974 - El viaje - 95' (attendance: 1,191,389)

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Adriana De Mauro is the daughter of a Sicilian middle class widow. ln love since childhood with count Cesare Braggi, Adriana has lived in trembling expectation of becoming his wife. The old count, however, wants the girl to marry his other son, Antonio. When the old man
dies Adriana resigns herself to marrying Antonio, persuaded by her mother to respect the wishes of the dead. When her husband Antonio,
who has given her a son, is killed prematurely in a car accident, Adriana withdraws into strict mourning, neglecting both her person and her health. Persuaded finally by her brother-in-Iaw Cesare, she goes with him to see a cardiologist in Palermo. The diagnosis, which leaves very
little hope, persuades Cesare to extend the trip to Naples, where a second doctor can only confirm the opinion of the first. Her life threatened,
Adriana’s femininity reawakens. It is she who now asks that they not return to Sicily As they travel up through Italy, love which until
then had been repressed - bursts forth between Cesare and Adriana. But Venice will be their last stop: struck down by a heart attack,
Adriana dies
. (Enrico Lancia)
Story: based on the novella of the same name by Luigi Pirandello.


Milan, Naples, Noto, Palermo, Rome, Venice (Italy)
Dino De Laurentiis Cinematrografica Studios, Rome (Italy)

Filming dates: October 1973 through January 1974.


Sophia Loren (Adriana De Mauro)
Richard Burton (Cesare Braggl)
lan Bannen (Antonio Bragg!)
Barbara Pilavin (Adriana’s mother)


Photography (Eastmancolor):
Ennio Guarnieri
Costume design:
Marcel Escoffier and Bruno Raffaelli
Manuel De Sica
Sophia's Makeup Artist:
Giuseppe Annunziata
Sophia's Hair Stylist:
Ada Palombi
Still photographer:

Tazio Secchiaroli
Carlo Ponti for c.c. Champion (Rome), Capac (Paris)


Sophia wins two awards for Best Actress, the David di Donatello and the San Sebastian Festival Prize.

First film for Sophia after the birth of her second son, Edoardo.

Vittorio De Sica is sick and the movie, due to start in July, is delayed until October. It is Sophia's 8th and last film under the direction of her master. De Sica will die in November 1974 before they can materialize another project called The Magician of Naples, which was to be inspired by previous film Ieri, oggi, domani.

The widow's costumes were designed by Marcel Escoffier. Although the movie takes place during the enchanting fashion period preceding World War l, the costumes are often dour in color, pattern, and upholsterylike detail; nonetheless, they're elegant and dripping in minute particulars. Escoffier, one of the most accomplished European historical designers, was well known to Loren, having previously worked on her costume pictures Madame Sans-Gêne and Lady L. (Donohue)


"As beautiful as an erotic dream... I'd be perfectly content to act with Sophia for the next million years."
Richard Burton.

"I must say Richard and I look very well together. It is very believable that we are in love. I am very pleased with our teaming because it is always so very difficult to find the right partner for me. Richard Burton - like Marcello Mastroianni and Peter O'Toole - is perfect!"
Sophia Loren

"Miss Loren's age is not right but, worse, she has no role."
Vincent Canby, New York Times, 1 dec 1978

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