The Cassandra Crossing
by George Pan Cosmatos


Italy - December 18, 1976 - Cassandra Crossing - 137'
West Germany - March 31, 1977 - Cassandra Crossing -
UK - March 31, 1977 - The Cassandra Crossing -
USA (New York, Loew's Astor Plaza) - February 9, 1977 - The Cassandra Crossing - 125'
France (Paris) - June 15, 1977 - Le pont de Cassandra -
Spain - El puente de Cassandra -

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Several terrorists penetrate the building of the World Health Organization in Geneva to bomb a laboratory where dangerous bacteriological weapons are being developed. They are discovered and a shoot-out ensues during which several vials containing highly infective viruses are broken. One of the terrorists manages to flee by hiding on the Geneva-Stockholm train, unaware that he has been infected. A manhunt is begun by the American Secret Service which, having verified the man’s presence on the train, order the authorities to seal the train and divert it toward a precarious bridge that is no longer in use, the Cassandra Crossing, in Poland. A well-known doctor on the train, assisted by his wife and other passengers, fearlessly strives to keep things from getting worse. Not without danger, some of the passengers manage to save themselves by dividing the train into two parts, while the others perish in the collapse of the bridge. (Enrico Lancia)
Story and screenplay: Robert Katz, George Pan Cosmatos, Tom Mankiewicz.


Basel, Geneva (Switzerland)
Paderno d'Adda (Italy)
Viaduct of Garabit (France)
Cinecittà Studios, Rome (Italy)

Filming dates: December 1975 - March 1976


Sophia Loren (Jennifer Chamberlain)
 Richard Harris (Doctor Jonathan Chamberlain)
Ava Gardner (Nicole Dressler)
Martin Sheen (Robert Navarro)
Burt Lancaster (Colonel Stephen MacKenzie)
Lee Strasberg (Herman Kaplan)


Photography (Technicolor, PanaVision):
Ennio Guarnieri
Jerry Goldsmith
Still photographers:

Tazio Secchiaroli, Robert Biciocchi
Sophia's Hair Stylist:
Adalgisa Favella
Costume design:

Adriana Berselli
Sophia's voice is dubbed by:
Elsa Fábregas (Spanish), Danielle Volle (French), Rita Savagnone (Italian)

Carlo Ponti for c.c. Champion (Italy)
Sir Lew Grade for Associated General Film (London)


As one of his birthday presents for his 7th anniversary, Cipi gets to appear in the movie as a young boy reading a comic book in a crowd scene filmed in the railway terminal at Basel, Switzerland.

The Pontis moved back temporarily to their villa in Marino during the filming of the interior scenes at Rome's Cinecittà.

Swiss Railways provided the train that doubled for the Trans-European Express. Exteriors, many shot from helicopters to trace the train's treacherous journey, were filmed in France and Switzerland. The Cassandra bridge, supposedly located in Poland, was actually near Clermont-Ferrand in France.

First Ponti-Lew Grade production with O. J. Simpson, the football star, who was then one of the most admired athletes in the world as running back for the Buffalo Bills.


"Sophia Loren is totally miscast as a bright, quirky writer who is pursuing her divorced husband.
Richard Eder, New York Times, 10 feb 1977

"The role of the twice-divorced wife is no challenge for Miss Loren, but she behaves as if she's having fun."
Joan E. Vadeboncoeur, Syracuse Herald-Journal, 4 mar 1977

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