by Boris Sagal


Italy - April 19, 1978 - Angela -
West Germany - July 14, 1978 - Angela -
Spain - 1978 - Angela - 87' (attendance: 158,008)

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Benjamin Kincaid, a veteran of Korea, returns to his home in Canada and finds his wife Angela with a baby of a few months.
Wrongly convinced that he is not the father, he violently beats his wife and then confides in his city’s crime boss and has the baby kidnapped. Angela, desperate, denounces her husband to the police as a smuggler and, after he is arrested and condemned, tries to make a new life for herself. Twenty years pass: Angela is the owner of a restaurant, and one day she meets Jean, who supplies the restaurant with meat from his shop. Jean lives with his adoptive family, and as he frequents the beautiful woman, he falls in love with her to the point of breaking off his relationship with his young fiancée. Angela too is attracted to him, not imaging for one moment that the young man is her own son who was kidnapped 50 long before. But as fate would have it, her husband gets out of prison, tracks down the woman, finds her in the house
with the young man, and kills her. Jean tries to save her and kills the man, and Angela dies in the arms of the young man who will never
know that he was her son. (Enrico Lancia)
Story and screenplay: Charles E. Israel


Montreal (Canada)

Filming dates: October 25 - December 1976

Press conference on October 19 at the Carlton-Ritz hotel.
Sophia flies back to Italy on December 22.


Sophia Loren (Angela Kincaid)
John Vernon (Benjamin Kincaid)
John Huston (Hogan)
Steve Railsback (Jean Labrecque)


Photography (Technicolor):

Marc Champion

Henry Mancini
Costume design:

Nino Novarese, François Barbeau 

Sophia's voice is dubbed by::
Rita Savagnone (Italian)
Julian Melzack and Claude Héroux for Classic / Canafox


Working title is Jocasta in reference to the Greek mythology figure who was mother and later wife of Oedipus.

Sophia recalls it as one of her unhappiest working experiences. Lonely from her two children back in Paris, she acts in many location scenes under severe cold temperatures and she also runs into problems with director tyrannical egomaniac Boris Sagal.

Due to problems with the Canadian government over the financing for the Italian-based Una giornata particolare, Ponti and co-producer Zev Braun were required to film Angela in Canada. (Harris)

Margaret Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister's wife, comes to the shooting of Angela for a day - restaurant scene in Old Montreal - after Sophia invited a few weeks earlier at a luncheon held at the Italian embassy in Ottawa.


"A fumettone, nothing more than a cheap soap opera which Sagal has directed with conscious skill, scrupulously pursuing every cliché in regard to both imagery and lines. If it were only a feuilleton one could forgive it, but it's a feuilleton which aspires to Greek tragedy, and the difference between this story and Greek tragedy is as great as that between Beethoven's Ninth and Migliavacca's mazurka."
hUgio Buzzolan, La Stampa, 23 apr 1978

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