Grumpier Old Men
by Howard Deutch


USA (Los Angeles) - December 14, 1995 - Grumpier Old Men - 101'
Italy -  April 1996 - That's Amore: Due improbabili seduttori - 101'
Spain - April 22, , 1996 - Discordias a la carta - 96'
Germany -  May 2, 1996 - Der dritte Frühling
France (Paris) -  1996 - Les grincheux 2 -

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In Wabasha, Minnesota, summer is about to arrive and two elderly men, eternal rivais and quarrelsome pains in the neck, are preparing to enjoy the fine season, during which they love to go fishing, even though one of the two, having gotten married, would prefer the joys of the domestic hearth. The other, sulky and melancholy (though he would never let it show) meets by chance a dynamic, impetuous woman of Italian origin who, after having taken over an old store which sold fishing equipment, gets busy transforming it into a’ restaurant. Though attracted by the woman, the quarrelsome old man tries to sabotage her venture by every possible means so as not to disturb the tranquility of their town, receiving unexpected help from his eternal squabbling companion. But the two meet their match, and must confront the stubbornness of the Italian woman, who wins in the end, and even succeeds in marrying the obstinate grumbler. (Enrico Lancia)
Story and screenplay: Mark Steven Johnson.


Afton, Stillwater, Wabasha, Minneapolis, Marine on St. Croix, MN (USA)
Energy Park Studios, St. Paul, MN (USA)

Filming date: August-September 1995


Jack Lemmon (John Gustafson)
Walter Matthau (Max Goldman)
Ann-Margret (Ariel Gustafson)
Sophia Loren (Maria Ragetti)
Burgess Meredith (grandfather)
Daryl Hannah (Melanie Gustafson)


Photography (Panavision/Technicolor):
Tak Fujimoto
Alan Silvestri
Lisa Jensen
Makeup Artist:
Linda Melazzo
Hair Stylist:
Linda Rizzuto
Still photographer:
Ron Phillips
John Davis and Richard C. Berman for Lancaster Gate


Ann Morgan Guilbert is only six years older than Sophia but plays her mother.


First time Sophia shares top billing in a film with another female star, Ann-Margret, a Swedish-born actress who was a famous Hollywood sex symbol in the 1960's.

The movie grosses $78 million and is Sophia’s first box office hit since the release of El Cid three decades before.


A sequel to the movie involving Mastroianni had been planned but his death in December 1996 put an end to the project.

Sophia's voice is dubbed by Mari Ángeles Herranz (Spanish).


"Funnier and more heartwarming than the original. Sophia Loren, along with Matthau, Lemmon and Ann-Margret makes
‘Grumpier’ even greater."
Larry King, Larry King Live.

"She's not only the most beautiful woman in the world, she's one of the most talented actresses. She's got brains and wit and everything
that we consider attractive."
Jack Lemmon

"A woman like me is not usually attracted by a very banal, good-looking young man. I never have been. Walter absolutely fits my idea of a man in this film, because he's the kind of person that I would like to have a life with."
Sophia Loren in Interview, jan 1996

"The only conceivable reason one should venture into the spectacularly unfunny Jack Lemmon-Walter Matthau vehicle, ``Grumpier Old Men'' (a sequel to their 1993 ``Grumpy Old Men''), is to see Sophia Loren and witness just how resistant she has been to the ravages of time."
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 22 dec 1995

"Never - and we mean never - has a 60-year-old woman (or man or vegetable or mineral) looked as divine as Sophia Loren does in
Grumpier Old Men."
Liz Smith, Daily Herald, 2 jan 1996

"Riotously funny. Sophia Loren will enchant me forever."
Jeffrey Lyons, Sneak Previews / The Lyons Den

"A holiday heart-warmer! Sophia is stunning!"
Garrett Glaser, NBC

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