Between Strangers
by Edoardo Ponti


Italy (Venice Film Festival) - August 30, 2002 - Cuori estranei - 92'
Canada (Toronto Film Festival) - September 13, 2002 - Between Strangers - 95'
USA (Palm Springs Festival) - January 14, 2003 - Between Strangers - 95'
Spain - 2003 - Entre estraňos -
Germany - (Hamburg Film Festival) -  Sepember 22, 2003 - Zwischen Fremden
France (Paris) -  2003 - Coeurs inconnus (not released in theaters / DVD only)

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Olivia has been secretly sketching for years, but recently there is an urgency to her drawings. A recurring dream threatens to change her relationship to her husband and reminds her of the child she gave up for adoption years ago. Natalia (Mira Sorvino), a celebrated photojournalist, has an aching desire to know what happened to the young subject of one of her photos which may ultimately send her on a new life quest. Catherine (Deborah Unger), an accomplished cellist, has disappeared from her family and attempts revenge on her father, whom she holds responsible for destroying her mother’s life. As each story unfolds, the women find themselves transported by the vision of a young girl who renews forgotten or hidden secrets. Though strangers to each other, the three women grapple with curiously intertwined dreams, desires and choices. Each of their lives is etched by lingering memories to their fathers. (First Look Home Entertainment)
Story: taken from the novel of the same name by Maria Orsini Natale.


Toronto (Canada)

Filming dates: June 5, 2001 - July


Sophia Loren (Olivia)
Mira Sorvino (Natalia Bauer)
Deborah Kara Unger (Catherine)
Pete Postlethwaite (John)
Klaus Maria Brandauer (Alexander Bauer)
Gérard Depardieu (Max)
Malcolm McDowell (Alan Baxter)


Edoardo Ponti
Gregory Middleton
Sbigniew Preisner
Costume designer:
Mario Davignon
Still photographer:
Ava V. Gerlitz
Makeup Artist for Sophia Loren:
Franco Freda
Hair Stylist:
Claudia Bianchi
Capri Films Inc. (Toronto)
Mediatrade / Equinox Entertainment


Sophia's second film to be shot entirely in Canada. The first one was Angela, filmed in Montreal, in 1976. Part of the film Courage was also filmed in the Toronto area.

Sophia is directed by her son Edoardo's first full-length movie.

It is said that with Between Strangers Sophia is making the 100th movie of her career. Official records show it is her 95th movie since 1950.


Working with my mother is a beautiful experience. She puts love first, before anything. She's enhancing our movie with her warmth, love and good humour.
Edoardo Ponti, in Hello (30 oct 2001).

Una giornata particolare is my mother's film I like the most and it is that Loren, humble, defeated, unhappy I wanted in my film.
Edoardo Ponti, in TV Sorrisi e canzoni (28 sep 2002).

With an extremely light touch, first-time director Ponti-whose father is, of course, the legendary Italian producer Carlo Ponti-guides his mother through her 100th film. Remarkably, the age-defying Loren is made up to look older than her 68 years, yet her radiant beauty still shines through the darkened eyeshadow. She is one of the last of a dying breed, a true cinema goddess whose mere presence lights up a room or a film.
Paul Townend, Take One. (dec 2002)

In Between Strangers, debut film of her son Edoardo Ponti and her hundredth, the actress’ talent is confirmed. Sophia one and two, the symbol of eternal youth and serene acceptance of an artistic maturity, which is not afraid to flaunt its wrinkles.
Corriere della Sera (31 aug 2002)

"I'm very proud of what he's doing and how he's doing it. What came out of the film that he did was absolutely wonderful."
Sophia Loren

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