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First of all, let me congratulate you once again on your new website. It's a real labour of love and,
having explored it now pretty thoroughly, I've learned a great deal about our beloved Sophia.
I also admired your design for the site - something I'm afraid I shall never be able to master!

Alex Bristow (Buster), May 5, 2007

I just checked out your site and I have to congratulate you because it's beautiful.
Very professional looking, and easy to navigate too.

Nick Karelas

Just to let you know that I am enjoying thourouly your Loren site ! The more I visit it, the more fantatic I think it is !
Amazing work !
José Pinto

Ton site web destiné à Sophia Loren est grandiose. Quel bel hommage que tu lui rends.
Je sais ne sais combien de temps tu peux lui avoir consacré mais cela représente certainement une éternité te sachant minutieux.
Luc Juneau

really enjoy your site. I always go on to see if you’ve put something new up. Thanks for giving me so much information.
Irvin J. Gelb

I thought I was the world’s biggest Sophia fan, but little did I know…
Your web site is amazing, gorgeous, and so easy to navigate through.
You’ve done a splendid job of electronically archiving Sophia’s professional and personal life story.
This web site is a precious tool for “Sophia aficionados” and keeps her significant and rich legacy alive.
Thank you for making this available to the WORLD.
Sergio Rodriguez

All I can say is WOW! Yours is the best tribute site I ever saw. It's done with so much love, it's an absolute pleasure to navigate.
James. R. Dalton

First of all I would like to congratulate you on this beautiful and informative site.
I discovered it few days ago and have got hooked on it ever since.

Shahram Doodman

Love your site. I just found it. Sophia Loren is about the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and seems to be as nice as she is beautiful.
She and her devotion to her her late husband have always been an inspiration to me. She is an outstanding woman, wife, mother, actress,
and anything else she has done in her life........ love her.

Barbara Branson

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