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There are hundreds of pages on the web featuring Sophia Loren when you type in her name on any search engine.
I have retained a list of relevant links. Some are entirely dedicated to the Italian diva, others stand out
by their impressive number of pictures or because they feature rare footage material or because they are simply well done.
Another section is dedicated to commercial sites where you can shop for DVD's, books or posters.
All stock photography and video sites are all highly recommended.
You may have to register or log in for some of these sites. When doing a search, especially on Italian and Spanish sites,
always try the spelling Sofia as well as Sophia.

Stock Photography Sites

ACI Editorial (Spain)
Close to 2000 pics

Alinari Archives (Italy)
Close to 100 pics from news archives.

Corbis (USA)
Around 700 pics from movie and news archives.

Getty Images (USA)

Around 2000 pics from movie and news archives.

ISIFA (Czech Republic)
Over 1,00 pics from movie and news archives.

Rex Features (UK)
Over 2000 pics from news archives.

Wire Image
Over 1000 pics from news archives.

Photo Galleries

Alice Film - Foto Gallery
Movie stills and pictures from most films by Sophia.

Archivio Palmas
Close to 170 early pics by Italian photographer Palmas.

The Edward Quinn Archive
A selection of pictures from Cannes by Irish photographer Edward Quinn.

For the Love of Opera Gloves
About 25 galleries of Sophia wearing gloves.

The IMDb Photo Gallery
More than 200 pictures from the best movie data base site.

Sofia by Art Creations
Picture gallery from the Scicolone, Lazzaro, Loren exhibit.

Pictures of the latest events Sophia attended.
Video and Archive Footage Sites

Archivio Storico Luce (Italy)
About 40 video footage from the 1950's and 1960's.

Birth of Television Archive (UK)
A few interviews with Sophia plus footage images.

Charlie Rose Interview (USA)
Integral interview from 2002.

Institut National de l'Audio-Visuel (France)
A few interviews with Sophia plus footage images.

You Tube (USA)
Video sharing sites continuously updated.



eBay (USA - Global)
Global auction site with thousand items for sale on a daily basis.

DVD.IT (Italy)

Movies from Italian store on-line.

AbeBOOKS (USA - UK - France - Italy - Germany)
Books from independent sellers around the world.

DVD Empire (USA)
Mainstream movies featuring Sophia at very competitive prices.

Price Minister (French)
French site offering various items from independent sellers.

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