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Sophia was popular among photographers in her early years because of her willingness to have her picture taken.
Not much has changed today as she is a phenomenon everywhere she goes for every photographer's delight.
Many early photographs were made for immediate profit but as Carlo Ponti began to manage

Sophia's career her pictures were rather used for publicity and exposure.

Postcards featuring movie stars were tremendously popular in Europe.
Hundreds of these vintage pictures were released in the 1950's and the 1960's
in Italy, West Germany, Spain, and France.
You will find a whole bunch of them in this section.

Over Sophia's long acting years, many photographers played a determining role in her rise to becoming a timeless icon.

– Patellani, Poletto, Lévin, Pierluigi, Giancolombo, Frontoni, Shaw, Avedon and, indeed, Secchiaroli –
Today, Francesco Escalar remains Sophia's favorite photographer.
All photos, when possible, show credit and context.

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